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    Witch Vomit A Scream From The Tomb Below old school death metal    600    CD

    Warrior Soul Warrior Of Death old school thrash metal    550    CD

    Violent Force Malevolent Assault From Tomorrow + Unreleased Demo For The Second Album cult thrash metal band    550    CD

    Undead Breed Demons To Some…Angels To Others melodic death metal    400    CD

    Tales Of Blood Stuffing The Graveyard old school brutal death metal    400    CD

    Sororicide The Entity cult death metal band    1400    CD

    Slaughtered Priest Serpent's Necrowhores blackened speed/thrash metal    550    CD

    Slam 420 Bloated Exploded Og Gluttony ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Siderai Mutilation Agony Of Borneo technical ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Sickening Horror Chaos Revamped technical death metal    400    CD

    Sadistic Mutilation Pathological Experiments ultrabrutal death metal    350    CD

    Rhapsody Dawn Of Victory symphonic power metal    1200    CD

    Reconstructed Torso Varied ultrabrutal death metal    350    MCD

    Putrefy Infestation. Oppression. Possession brutal death metal    300    MCD

    Purulent Spermcanal/Cannibe Split gore grind    350    CD

    Pulverized Falsus In Uno, Falsus In Omnibus technical ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Pro Septico La Venganza De Los Cerdos II goregrind    350    CD

    Pretty Maids Red, Hot And Heavy cult heavy metal band    800    CD

    October Tide Winged Waltz cult doom death metal band    1050    Digi CD

    Nemesis (Spain) The Beginning Of The End old school death thrash metal    300    MCD

    Necrolatry (USA) Within The Shroud Of Misery death metal band from the beginning of 90-s    400    CD

    Nawabs Of Destruction Rising Vengeance melodic progressive death metal    400    CD

    Mournful Gust For All The Sins melodic doom death metal    300    CD

    Motorhead March Or Die CULT !!!    700    CD

    Molecular Fragmentation Recurrence Of Blasphemous Maelstrom ultrabrutal death metal    350    CD

    Masterplan Masterplan famous power metal band    900    CD

    Machine Men Circus Of Fools old school heavy metal    500    CD

    Lost Shade Ruckkerhr Nach Asgard viking black metal    400    CD

    Limp Bizkit Why Don't You Want To Hate This ? famous nu metal band    500    CD

    Leatherwolf World Asylum cult heavy metal band    500    CD

    Kormak Faerenus celtic folk metal    400    CD

    Kevlar Skin Necroroid technical brutal death metal    400    CD

    Kassad Faces Turn Away raw black metal    400    Digisleeve CD

    Iron Maiden Powerslave cult heavy metal band    850    CD

    Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast cult heavy metal band    1200    CD

    Invigorate Sanctity The Last Of Misery ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Inner Shrine Nocturnal Rhymes Entangled In Silence symphonic gothic metal    550    CD

    Inferia Fucking Is a Great Way to Get to Know New People brutal death metal    300    CD

    In Extremo Verehrt Und Angespien famous folk metal band    600    Double Digi CD

    Hypocrisy Abducted cult death metal band    1450    CD

    Horde Casket Melted Together ultrabrutal death metal    350    CD

    Hide Bound Resident Ruin melodic death metal    300    MCD in paper sleeve

    Hellgoat/Legions of Astaroth Split ultraraw black metal    300    CD

    Heaven Grey Manuscriptum melodic dark doom metal    350    CD

    Hak-ed Damm Black Tortured Metal fast raw black metal    300    CD

    Grue Casualty Of The Psychic Wars raw black metal    350    CD

    Graveworm Fragments Of Death famous melodic black death metal band    1400    Gatefold LP

    Goregonzola Dick Im Geschaft death grind    350    CD

    Ghost Tower Head Of Night heavy/thrash metal    350    CD

    Gamma Ray Majestic cult power metal band    1150    CD

    Funeral Inception Anthems Of Disenchantment technical brutal death metal    400    CD

    Forest Whispers Zamiec pagan black metal    400    CD

    Fjorsvartnir Legions Of The North melodic viking black metal    350    CD

    Fatal Error Vaginal Nasvay ultrabrutal death metal/porno grind    400    CD

    Falkenbach Asa cult viking black metal band    3200    2CD Digibook

    Falkenbach Tiurida cult viking black metal band    3500    Limited Box CD

    Falkenbach Heralding The Fireblade cult viking black metal band    1100    Digi CD

    Falkenbach Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty cult viking black metal band    1300    Digi CD

    Falkenbach ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri...  cult viking black metal band    1000    CD

    Ethology Ascension Of The Ancient Organism ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Ergosphere The Vastness Of Nothing ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Endvra Black Eden cult dark ambient band    600    CD

    Embracing Dreams Left Behind old school melodic death metal    400    CD

    Edgar Froese Solo 1974-1979 experimental ambient    800    LP

    Drown Me Blue Drown Me Blue finnish gothic black metal    450    Digi MCD

    Dormantgod Animated Bas-reliefs atmospheric dark ambient    300    CD

    Dismal Divinity Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam old school death metal    350    CD

    Dies Ater Out Of The Dark melodic black metal    400    Digi MCD

    Detention Marginal female fronted gothic metal band    350    CD in DVD box.

    Demonical Darkness Unbound old school death metal    1100    Digi CD in slipcase

    Demonical Death Infernal old school death metal    1000    CD

    Demonical Hellsworn old school death metal    1000    CD

    Demonical Servants Of The Unlight old school death metal    1000    CD

    Deflorace 11 Murders…twentyyearslater brutal death metal    350    CD

    Deathember Flower Architect melodic progressive death metal    350    CD

    Dawn Ov Hate Death D'Hivern fast raw black metal    350    CD

    Dark Reality Cruel Research death metal band from the beginning of 90-th    400    CD

    D.A.D. Mil Rostros technical thrash metal    350    CD

    Crowpath Son Of Sulphur mathcore    350    CD

    Corrosive Carcass Forsaken Lands old school death metal    700    CD

    Cold Colours The Burden Of Hope atmpospheric gothic death metal    350    CD

    Chiva Oracle Morte atmospheric black doom metal    800    CD

    Catatonic Profanation Dissected Creation ultrabrutal death metal    400    CD

    Cable The Failed Convict sludge doom metal    450    CD

    Book Of Black Earth Horoskopus blackebned death metal    500    CD

    Blood Of The Black Owl A Banishing Ritual funeral folk black doom metal    650    Digi CD

    Black Torment Ten Years Of Blasphemy old school blackened thrash metal    300    CD

    Beyond Dawn Pity Love gothic doom metal    1000    CD

    Barang Ancestral Bakasi Pakal Masaker ultrabrutal death metal    350    MCD

    Awaiting The Autopsy Couldn't Tell The Bodies Apart brutal death metal    350    CD

    Atomic Fear Infernal Militia old school thrash metal    550    CD

    Astyanax Embalmed With Afterbirth brutal death metal    400    CD

    Apostles Of Perversion Scars Of A Sick Mind ultrabrutal death metal    350    CD

    Angst In Hoc Signo Vinces melodic black metal    350    CD

    Amputory Ode To Gore old school death metal    700    CD

    Amorphis Silent Waters cult doom death metal band    900    CD

    Alcoholic Force Gasoline Drinkers. Fantomania IV. old schoool speed/thrash metal    400    CD

    Adamas Heavy Thoughts melodic thrash metal    350    CD

    Absenta Eel atmospheric black metal    350    CD

    Эгрегор Тьмы Mare Tenebrarum symphonic black metal    400    Pro CDr in DVD box