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    ГруппаАльбомСтиль  RUR  
    The Jasser Arafats The Aftermath finnish death thrash metal    200    MCD

    The Creatures From The Tomb The Terrifying Menace bulldozing death grind    350    CD

    Tenochtitlan Сотворение Мира ethnic dark metal    300    CD

    Symbel We Drink - Hymns And Counsel Of Anglosaxon Heathenry viking black metal    400    CD

    Supuration Reveries old school death metal    550    Digi CD

    Stray Cats Stray Cats cult rockabilly band    1900    CD

    Stray Cats Stray Cats cult rockabilly band    2800    LP

    Stass The Darkside technical death metal    500    CD

    Spatial Continuum blackened doom death metal    450    Digi CD

    Somnolent Monochromes Philosophy funeral doom metal    300    CD

    Slayer Reign In Blood CULT !!!    600    CD

    Slayer Hell Awaits CULT !!!    950    CD

    Sinners Moon Far Beyond The Stars female fronted symphonic gothic metal band    300    MCD

    Shemhamphorash Dementia technical black metal    300    CD

    Sepultura Chaos A.D. cult thrash metal band    10900    LP

    Sculpture Like A Dead Flower melodic doom death metal    350    MCD

    Sarcofago Rotting cult black death metal band    1200    CD

    Sacred Dominions/Hadak Ura Split pagan black metal    500    Digi CD

    Rotting Christ Sanctus Diavolos cult black metal band    650    Digi CD

    Rhythm Trip Bring Da' Ruckus nu metal/rapcore    650    CD

    Rebellion A Tragedy In Steel: Shakespeares Macbeth melodic power metal    700    CD

    Raices Torcidas Digital Metal Flesh brutal death metal    550    Digi CD + DVD

    Psycroptic Ob(servant) technical brutal death metal    750    CD + DVD in slipcase

    Primal Dawn The Euthanasic Programme death thrash metal    200    MCD

    Pleurisy Onwards To The Sacrilege old school death metal    400    CD

    Perversity Beyond The Reach Of Heaven old school brutal death metal    600    CD

    Paradise Lost Icon cult doom metal band    600    CD

    Paganland Wind Of Freedom pagan folk metal    350    CD

    Origin Antithesis cult technical death metal band    900    CD

    Ohio Slamboys You Won't Last Long In Ohio ultrabrutal death metal    250    MCD

    Nyctophilia Dwelling In The Fullmoon Light atmospheric depressive black metal    450    Digi CD

    Norther N famous finnish melodic death metal band    350    Digi CD

    Noctiferum Serenades Of The Impure raw black metal    350    CD

    Neuraxis Trilateral Progression technical death metal    500    CD

    Negligent Collateral Collapse 28 Minutes Of Silence For All Innocent Victims… and Boneses cult grind band    350    CD

    National Suicide Anotheround old school thrash metal    500    CD

    My Silent Wake There Was Death melodic doom death metal    550    Digi CD

    Mosquito Control Destroyed Beyond Redemption sludge doom metal    300    CD

    Mordbrand Hymns Of The Rotted old school death metal    350    CD

    Misanthropic Existence Death Shall Be Served satanic black death metal    400    Digi CD

    Metal Church Metal Church cult thrash metal band    3800    LP

    Metal Church Metal Church cult thrash metal band    4800    LP

    Megazetor The Drug You Daily Crave techno death metal    200    Pro CDr

    Massemord Skogen Kaller cult norwegian black metal band    800    CD

    Malevolentia Ex Oblivion symphonic black metal    450    Digi CD

    Lunar Aurora Ars Moriendi cult black metal band    1000    CD

    Liquido Liquido alternative rock/metal    550    CD

    Legen Beltza Insanity old school technical thrash metal    500    CD

    Kuilu Monumentti depressive black metal    700    Digi CD

    Kludde/Wanhoop Split raw black metal    300    CD

    Keep Of Kalessin Agnen - A Journey Through The Dark cult norwegian black metal band    900    CD

    Jesse Colin Young American Dreams folk rock    500    LP

    Invasion Conquered old school death thrash metal    400    CD

    Infestus Thrypsis melodic black death metal    750    Digi CD

    Ibridoma Goodbye Nation power/thrash metal    350    CD

    Hroptatyr Hroptatyr viking black metal    550    CD

    Highgate Black Frost Fallout blackened sludge doom metal    350    CD

    Hell Is Other People Embrace atmospheric post black metal    400    CD

    Hate Eternal I Monarch cult death metal band    900    CD+DVD in slipcase

    Grimorium In Memory Of The Forgotten Ones blackened doom death metal    350    CD

    Grace Disgraced The Primal Cause: Womanumental technical death metal    400    CD

    Gloom Warfare Post Apocalyptic Downfall industrial death metal    350    CD

    Gargoyle Hail To The Necrodoom blackened doom death metal    550    CD

    Frost Legion Death Of Mankind raw black metal    350    CD

    Floodstain Dreams Make Monsters stoner/sludge doom metal    300    CD

    Fellwoods Wulfram stoner doom metal    350    CD

    Eye Sea Bloodgeon brutal death metal    350    MCD

    Evil (Japan)/Lurking Fear Split old school blackened thrash metal/ death grind    400    CD

    Enshadowed Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn raw black metal    400    CD

    Emperor Emperor/Wrath Of The Tyrant cult black metal band    900    Digisleeve CD

    Eggper Volume Null blackened sludge doom metal    300    MCD

    Drowning The Light Amongst The Bones… cult black metal band    450    CD

    Dool Sketches Of Summerland psychedelic rock    450    Digisleeve CD

    Disgorged Foetus GOREvisions gore grind    600    DVD

    Diablerie Seraphyde industrial metal    500    Digi CD

    Desensitised Virus Of Violence brutal death metal    350    CD

    Deivos Endemic Divine technical brutal death metal    950    CD in slipcase

    Deakon Du Bist Mir Alles raw black death metal    400    Digisleeve CD

    Darkness Almighty Shadows Dominion raw black metal    350    CD

    Dannagoischd Emm Dichda Ondrholz alpine folk    350    Digi CD

    Cryogenocide Torn Apart By Two Gravities technical brutal death metal    250    MCD

    Cradle Of Filth Cruelty And The Beast famous black metal band    19500    LP

    Comatose The Ungodly Lamentations old school brutal death metal    350    CD

    Christian Epidemic Elt symphonic black metal    500    DCD

    Cenotaph (Mexico) Rise Of Excruciation cult death metal band    900    CD in DVD box.

    Cancerous Womb Born Of A Cancerous Womb brutal death metal    350    CD

    Bottlekopf Absolutely Nothing old school death metal    350    CD

    Blood Incantation Starspawn technical death metal    4500    LP

    Blazon Stone Damnation old school heavy metal    1350    CD

    Blazon Stone War Of The Roses old school heavy metal    1300    CD

    Beyond Terror Beyond Grace Our Ashes Built Mountains grind    400    CD

    Basarabian Hills Enveloped In The Velvet Cloak Of Midnight atmospheric ambient black metal    400    CD

    Au Sacre Des Nuits Anti Humain raw black doom metal    350    CD

    Asphodelus Stygian Dreams finnish melodic doom death metal    1100    CD

    Arkhon Infaustus Perdition Insanabilis black death metal    450    Digi CD

    Anthrax We've Come For You All cult thrash metal band    500    CD

    Analkholic Strictly Drunk porno grind    350    CD

    Alda Passage atmospheric black metal    1100    Digi CD

    Aggressive Tyrants The Gore Grind Nineties gore grind    400    Digi CD

    Abske Fides Abske Fides doom death metal    400    CD