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    Warlord And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun cult heavy metal band    20    CD

    Ved Buens Ende Written In Waters cult black metal band    22    CD

    Torchure The Essence cult death metal band    17    CD

    Tiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber famous gothic metal band    22    CD

    Thyrfing Thyrfing cult viking metal band    18    CD

    Tehace Zipped Noise From Hell technical death metal    11    CD

    Syrinx Contest The Void technical death metal    10    CD

    Suffocation Souls To Deny cult brutal death metal band    18    CD

    Spawn Of Possession Noctambulant technical death metal    13    CD

    Slowgate Slowgate old school heavy/thrash metal    8    7"

    Skepticism Farmakon cult funeral doom metal band    9    CD

    Serrabulho Porntugal porno grind    8    CD

    Serrabulho Ass Troubles porno grind    8    CD

    Scorpions Blackout famous heavy metal band    22    CD

    Queensryche Tribe cult progressive metal band    10    CD

    Pungent Stench Been Caught Bittering cult death metal band    29    CD

    Ofermod Sol Nox cult black metal band    21    Digi CD

    Nembrionic Psycho One Hundred old school death metal    33    LP

    Mute Ocean Overcoming The Void fast atmospheric black metal    8    CD

    Mortician From The Casket cult death grind band    16    DCD

    Moonspell Wolfheart famous gothic metal band    12    CD

    M.ill.ion Thrill Of The Chase old school heavy metal    12    CD in slipcase

    Meshuggah Chaosphere technical post thrash metal    18    CD in superjewel box

    Megadeth Youthanasia cult thrash metal band    16    CD

    Megadeth Countdown To Extinction cult thrash metal band    16    CD

    MeatShits Ecstasy Of Death cult gore grind band    9    CD

    Markiz De Sade Judasz 1985 thrash metal band from 80-th    11    CD

    Makattopsy Piutrified Zombie Cadaver ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    Lugnoro Annorstades psychedelic stoner rock    12    Digi CD

    Lindisfarne Nameless raw black metal    7    CD

    Last Crack Burning Time progressive/heavy metal    9    CD

    Kreator Coma Of Souls cult thrash metal band    20    CD

    Kreator Terrible Certainty/Out Of The DarkInto The Light cult thrash metal band    29    CD

    Kogai Hagakure progressive death metal    7    CD

    Karpathian Relict Beyond The Over technical death metal    12    CD

    Kaisas Degitalize AOR    8    CD

    Ithdabquth Qliphoth The Method Of Science, The Aim Of Religion raw occult black metal    27    LP

    Internal Suffering Choronzonic Force Domination cult brutal death metal band    9    CD

    Internal Suffering Chaotic Matrix cult brutal death metal band    9    CD

    Insatanity Divine Decomposition cult death metal band    9    CD

    Inferius Torment Your God Liar raw black metal    8    CD

    In Flames Subterranean famous melodic death metal band    24    Box CD

    Imperanon Stained finnish melodic death metal    13    CD

    Hypothermia Svarta Nyanser Av Ljustr depressive black metal    20    LP

    Horna Haudankylmyyden Mailla cult black metal band    33    CD

    Hocico Wrack And Ruin fanmous EBM band    13    CD

    Hocico Signos De Aberracion fanmous EBM band    13    CD

    Hematoma (Mex)/Audiorrea Split grind    7    CD

    Head Crusher I Felt This Before thrashcore    7    CD

    Gwydion Ynys Mon epic folk viking metal    9    CD

    Grimness Trust In Decay melodic black metal    8    CD

    Grazed Laughing To Death old school death thrash metal    8    MCD

    GodVlad Dark Streets Of Heaven melodic death metal with lead female vocals    7    MCD

    Genghis Tron Board Up The House electro grind    9    CD

    From Beyond Death Exhibit A grind    7    CD

    Fleshless Doomed cult brutal death metal band    9    CD

    Fibroma Fibroma technical brutal death metal    8    CD

    Fairyland Of Wars In Osyrhia symphonic power metal    16    CD

    Ex Inferis Ex Infernalis raw black metal    7    MCD

    Eternal Wisdom Meditation Of The Cleansing Fire melodic black death metal    8    CD

    Engorged Engorged death grind    9    CD

    Embalming Theatre Sweet Chainsaw Melodies gore grind    17    CD

    Eden Weint Im Grab Traumtroph blackened gothic metal    9    CD

    Drowningman Don't Push Us When We're Hot hardcore    11    CD

    Disciples Of The Void Disciples Of The Void fast finnish melodic black metal    10    CD

    Devoured Decapitation Ammunition For The Land Battle ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Deep Throat Narcopulation porno grind    7    CD

    Death Symbolic CULT !!!    22    CD

    Dead Shape Figure 6x9 finnish melodic thrash death metal    9    CD

    Dark Millennium Midnight In The Void cult doom death metal band    36    Digi CD

    Cyaegha Steps Of Descent technical death metal    9    CD

    Cumbeast Gore Zoo ultrabrutal death metal    9    CD

    Crimson Glory Transcendence famous heavy metal band    20    CD

    Covenant Dreams Of A Cryotank/Europa famous EBM band    27    2CD in slipcase

    Corpsevomit Raping The Ears Of Those Above old school death metal    14    CD

    Cock And Ball Torture Cock Tales cult porno grind band    9    MCD

    Chemicaust All Empires Fall old school thrash death metal    7    MCD

    Castleumbra Cthulu wgah'nagl fntagn raw old school death metal    7    MCD

    Bruce Dickinson Balls To Picasso cult heavy metal artist    11    CD

    Bradi Cerebri Ectomia Mangled Perception ultrabrutal death grind    8    CD

    Blind Guardian A Night At The Opera cult power metal band    13    CD

    Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy CULT !!!    14    Digi CD

    Beherit Electric Doom Synthesis industrial/ambient    22    CD

    Barshasketh Defying The Bonds Of Cosmic Thralldom raw black metal    13    Digi CD

    Automb Esoterica occult black death metal    8    CD

    Atrophia Red Sun Twisted Logic technical melodic death metal    12    CD

    Asilent The Unconsecrated ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    As It Burns Mortal Dusk melodic death metal    8    CD

    Aphoom Zhah/Smierceslau Split raw black metal    8    CD

    Anatomia Dissected Humanity old school doomy death metal    16    CD

    Alarum Natural Causes progressive thrash metal    9    CD

    Alarum Eventuality progressive thrash metal    9    CD

    Adorned Brood Kuningaz cult folk viking metal band    11    Digi CD

    Absentia Lunae Historia Nobis Assentietvr raw black metal    8    CD in super jewel box

    Abigor Apokalypse cult black metal band    19    MCD

    A Nail Through The Urethra The Hangover Avodkalypse technical ultrabrutal death metal    7    MCD

    666 Shades Of Shit Whoracle Of Blasfemales death grind    8    CD

    melodic folk doom death metal    7    CD

    atmospheric pagan black metal    7    CD

    slavonic folk metal    7    CD