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    Zero Down No Limits To The Evil old school heavy/thrash metal    10    CD

    Vision Quest Vision Quest melodic heavy metal    11    Digi CD

    Vials Of Wrath Days Without Names atmospheric black metal    13    Digi CD

    Vesper Possession Of Evil Will old school blackened thrash metal    10    CD

    Two Are One A Question Of Time AOR    10    CD

    Tryglav Night Of Whispering Souls fast black metal    11    Digi CD

    The Raz The Raz hard rock/blues rock    9    CD

    The Grotesquery The Lupine Anathema old school death metal    13    CD

    T.P.O. Hope, Moon And Small Forest japanese melodic death thrash metal    7    MCD

    Tactics The Re-Mastered Plan speed/thrash metal band from the beginning of 90-th    22    2CD + DVD Box

    Soulskinner Descent To Abaddon old school death metal    13    CD

    Sinnrs Profound danish melodic black metal    9    CD

    Savage Thrust Eat 'Em Raw thrash metal band from 80-th    18    Double Digisleeve CD

    Satori Junk Satori Junk sludge doom metal    10    CD

    Sage Anno Domini 1573 progressive power metal    13    Digi CD + DVD

    S.R.L. Hic Sunt Leones melodic thrash death metal    10    Digi CD

    Rotor Musta Kasi old school heavy/speed metal    13    CD

    Putrid Evocation Echoes Of Death old school death metal    13    CD

    Primordial Dark Romanticism cult black metal band    18    CD + DVD

    Poseidon Back From The Abyss. The Anthology thrash metal band from 80-th    13    CD

    Ogre Dawn Of The Proto-Man traditional doom metal/hard rock    13    Digisleeve CD

    Nightland In Solemn Rise symphonic melodic death metal    7    MCD in paper sleeve

    My Silent Wake There Was Death melodic doom death metal    12    Digi CD

    My Silent Wake Damnatio Memoriae melodic doom death metal    10    CD

    Misty Grey Grey Mist female fronted doom metal    13    CD

    Matthias Steele Resurrection old school power/thrash metal    10    CD

    Martyr (Netherlands) For The Universe heavy/speed metal band from 80-th    14    Digi CD

    Malamorte Hell For All heavy/black metal    9    CD

    Lyzzard Savage old school heavy metal    13    CD

    Kronin How Do You Start This Thing ? thrash metal band from the beginning of 90-th    13    CD

    Jack Starr Soon Day Will Come famous hard rock/heavy metal guitarist    10    CD

    Jack Starr A Minor Disturbance famous hard rock/heavy metal guitarist    10    CD

    Iron Curtain Guilty As Charged old school speed/thrash metal    13    CD

    Indigo Larvae Behind These Walls The Night Is Total black industrial    7    CD

    Impurity (USA) Unearthly Affinity old school death metal    9    MCD

    Iced Earth Incorruptible cult power/thrash metal band    16    CD

    Human Demise Whitechapel Demise hardcore    6    MCD

    Hocculta Back In The Dark heavy metal band from 80-th    13    Digi CD

    Helel A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh raw black metal    10    Digi CD

    Hate Eternal Phoenix Amongst The Ashes cult death metal band    9    Digisleeve CD

    Gwydion Ynys Mon epic folk viking metal    9    CD

    Grivf/Sol Split funeral doom metal    8    Digi CD

    Grave Digger Home At Last cult heavy metal band    13    MCD

    Godus Hell Fuck Demon Sound brutal black metal    8    CD

    Germanen Blut Wandelnd in der Einsamkeit abgrundtiefer Gedanken pagan black metal    7    CD

    Furious Barking/Desmodus Split thrash metal bands from the beginning of 90-th    8    CD

    Forest Of Grey Crypsis atmospheric black metal    14    Digi CD

    Fightstar Grand Unification metalcore    11    CD

    Fallujah Dreamless technical death metal    20    CD

    Expendiency Sadistic Murder technical brutal death metal    8    CD

    Evil Madness Bastarsds Get Rotten old school thrash metal    8    CD

    Errander The Need To Know extreme metalcore    11    Digi CD

    Ending Tyranny Perpetual Greed ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Elite Kampen norwegian black metal    12    CD

    Ecstasy Temple Gen River chinese folk black metal    13    DCD

    Dreams In Fragments Reflections Of A Nightmare female fronted symphonic gothic doom metal    9    CD

    Drap Roten Till Allt Ont old school death metal/crust    13    CD

    Disfigured Corpse 25 Let Znetvorrene Mrtvoly grind    8    CD

    Diabolikal Holokaust Diabolikal Holokaust old school blackened thrash metal    8    CD

    Desperados An Eye For An Eye heavy/thrash metal    13    Digi CD

    Delice Sillage atmospheric black metal    14    Digi CD

    Defyance Amaranthine progressive metal    13    Digisleeve CD

    December's Fire Vae Victis ambient black metal    14    CD

    Dead In The Water Echoes…In The Ruins finnish melodic doom death metal    10    Digi CD

    Daydream Flights Whisper atmospheric black metal    14    Digi CD

    Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora melodic death thrash metal    11    CD

    Damage S.F.P. Damage S.F.P. old school thrash metal    9    CD

    Cryptopsy Blasphemy Made Flesh. 25-th Anniversary Edition. cult death metal band    34    Digibook CD + DVD

    Crisalide Dark Inside old school death thrash metal    12    Digi CD

    Cradle Of Filth Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa famous gothic black metal band    9    CD

    Condemned Cell Shadows Of The Past gothic doom metal    7    CD

    Claret Ash The Great Adjudication melodic progressive black metal    14    Digi CD

    Cerebral Extinction Necro Parasite Anomaly technical brutal death metal    8    CD

    Carcass Peel Sessions cult grind band    20    CD

    Broken Bones Fuck You & All You Stand For ! cult crossover band    13    CD

    Blood Tears Three Wishes melodic doom death metal    9    Digi CD

    Black Land Extreme Heavy Psych traditional doom metal    13    CD

    Beyond Surface Destination's End melodic gothic metal    12    CD

    Barshasketh Defying The Bonds Of Cosmic Thralldom raw black metal    13    Digi CD

    Atomtrakt Nuklearchetyp neoclassic/industrial    9    Digi CD

    Ashen Horde Fallen Cathedrals progressive black metal    11    Digi CD

    As Night Falls From Grace To Oblivion female fronted symphonic gothic metal    10    Digi MCD

    As I May My Own Creations modern melodic death metal    9    CD

    Arma/Dulvel Split old school speed metal    8    CD

    Antidote The Truth + Demos thrash metal band from the beginning of 90-th    16    DCD

    Ancient Spell Forever In Hell doom death/thrash metal    10    CD

    Altar Of Betelgeuze Darkness Sustains The Silence doom death metal    12    CD

    Agenda Of Swine Waves Of Human Suffering grind    11    Digi CD

    Acod First Earth Poison blackened thrash metal    11    Digi CD

    Aborted The Necrotic Manifesto brutal death metal    8    CD

    Янтарные Слезы Когда Нет Троп pagan doom death metal    9    CD

    Топь Летели Вороны atmospheric pagan black metal    7    CD

    Смута Путь slavonic folk metal    7    CD

    Слепая Елань Неизбежность dark ambient    1    CD

    Славия Песне Воли Каленой pagan black metal    4    Pro CDr

    Сварга (Украина) Явь Воздымает pagan black metal    6    MCD

    Сварга (Россия) Черная Падь pagan folk metal    44    Digibook CD + slipcase

    Сварга (Россия) Мой Край pagan folk metal    8    Digi MCD

    Сварга (Россия) Там Где Дремлют Леса pagan folk metal    8    CD

    Сварга (Россия) Огни На Курганах pagan folk metal    7    CD