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    Неизбежность Inevitability raw but melodic black metal    9    Pro CDr

    Калинов Мост Выворотень cult russian folk rock band    8    CD

    Warrior (USA) Fighting For The Earth cult heavy metal band from 80-th    18    CD

    Varg Legacy EP cult viking metal band    9    CD

    V./A. A Tribute To Slayer Carnifex, Apocalyptica, Enslaved, Hypocrisy, Krisiun, Vader etc.    9    CD

    V./A. A Tribute To Iron Maiden Kreator, Trivium, Iced Earth, Powerwolf, Testament, Tyr etc.    9    CD

    Unleashed The Hunt For White Christ EP & Rarities cult death metal band    10    Digisleeve CD

    The Nightstalker A Journey In Hell gothic black metal    8    CD

    The Nightstalker All For A Promise gothic black metal    8    CD

    Tenebra Arcana Martiri Dell' Odio symphonic black metal    8    CD

    Starborn Savage Peace old school heavy metal    10    CD

    Sodom Chosen By The Grace Of God cult thrash metal band    9    Digisleeve CD

    Sacred Sin Anguish…I Harvest melodic death metal    8    CD

    Russkaja Energia! ska/polka metal    12    CD

    Ramones Live At Musikladen. Berlin, 1978. cult punk rock band    18    DVD in cardboard sleeve

    Rage Execution Guaranteed cult heavy metal band    18    CD

    Rage Reign Of Fear cult heavy metal band    18    CD

    Paradise Lost Maximum Plague cult doom metal band    9    CD

    Overkill Last Man Standing cult thrash metal band    9    Digisleeve CD

    North Black Filosofi Svart Skog atmospheric black metal    8    CD

    Mortalium Obligate Loneliness gothic doom metal    8    CD

    Moongates Guardian Where Many Paths And Errands Meet atmospheric ambient black metal    8    CD

    Midnight Force Restless Blade old school heavy metal    10    CD

    Mettadone Invisible Disease gothic doom metal    8    CD

    Metall Metal Fire old school heavy power metal    10    CD

    Machine Men Circus Of Fools old school heavy metal    11    CD

    Lacrimosa Angst famous gothic metal band    16    CD

    Judas Priest Killing Machine CULT !!!    16    CD

    Inside Hatred Salvation's Failure old school death metal    8    CD

    Infernal Hate The Wisdom Of Obscure Dimension brutal death metal    8    CD

    In My Shiver Delicate Poison atmospheric depressive black metal    8    CD

    Imha Tarikat Kenoboros raw black metal    33    LP

    I Gather Your Grief Dystopian Delusions symphonic doom death metal    8    MCD in paper sleeve

    Howling In The Fog Evolve atmospheric post black metal    8    CD

    Howling In The Fog Dreams atmospheric post black metal    8    CD

    Horde Of Hel Likdagg raw black metal    17    CD in slipcase

    Hexus Stomp Your Deception old school thrash metal    18    CD

    Helel A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh raw black metal    10    Digi CD

    Hate Forest Dead But Dreaming cult black metal band    10    CD

    Gutter Slut Just Murdered ultrabrutal death grind    8    CD

    Grind Zero Concealed In The Shadow old school death thrash metal    8    CD

    Graves Of Valor Salarian Gate technical death metal    12    CD

    Gooseflesh Welcome To Suffer Age thrashcore    4    MCD

    Ghastly/Flame Split raw black thrash metal    8    CD

    Fractured Spine Songs Of Slumber finnish gothic doom metal    10    Digi CD

    Fleurs Du Mal And I Can Suffer Crying Blood depressive black metal    8    CD

    Final Vortex Threshold industrial/dark ambient    10    Digi CD

    Fear Of Eternity The Evocation Of The Unseen atmospheric black metal    9    Digi CD

    Fabiant Death Is Not The End extreme gothic metal    8    CD

    Exodus Fabulous Disaster cult thrash metal band    18    CD

    Evil God Deeds Of The Antichrist satanic death black metal    7    MCD

    Eros Necropsique Pathos gothic/neoclassic/darkwave    27    CD

    Endless Fire gothic rock/metal    9    Digi CD

    Eluveitie Live At Feuertanz 2013 folk/melodic death metal    9    CD

    Effect Murder Architects Of Sense brutal death metal    7    CD in slipcase

    Druadan Forest Dismal Spells From The Dragonrealm dungeon synth    20    CD

    Doro All For Metal. Live At Hard Rock Festival 2015 cult heavy metal artist    9    Digisleeve CD

    Dissimulation Prakeikimas thrash black metal    8    CD

    Dimmu Borgir Abrahadabra famous symphonic black metal band    26    Box CD with book

    Detonator Demo 1990 old school blackened thrash metal    7    MCD

    Depicting Abysm Immersion atmospheric black metal    9    CD

    Deliverance (USA) Stay Of Execution cult thrash metal band    20    CD

    Deliverance (USA) What A Joke cult thrash metal band    13    CD

    Defiled Divination brutal death metal    11    CD

    Dead Christ Cult Христосмерть raw black metal    8    CD

    Darkthrone Dark Essence cult black metal band    11    CD in DVD box

    Dark Age A Matter Of Trust famous power/melodic death metal band    13    Digi CD

    Cumbeast/Defleshuary/Decrepit Womb/Down From The Wound/ Heinous Killings Split ultrabrutal death metal    7    CD

    Cristalys Quintessence Celtique pagan black metal    7    CD

    Corpse Carving Grotesque Goratorium gore grind    7    CD

    Coffin Birth (Chile)/Gravestone Split old school death metal    9    CD

    Chinbjer Under Turanens Pisk norwegian black metal    8    CD

    Chalice Of Suffering For You I Die funeral doom metal    8    CD

    Bruut Bloodmoon old school death metal    10    7"

    Bolthorn Across The Human Path viking death metal    8    CD

    Blues Pills Golden Treasures blues/hard rock    10    Digisleeve CD

    Blizzard The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon old school thrash metal    14    CD

    Black Mass Warlust old school thrash metal    10    CD

    BitchHammer Offenders Of The Faith old school blackened thrash metal    10    CD

    Bastard Wait For Death death metal band from the beginning of 90-th    8    CD

    Avenger (Germany) Prayers Of Steel cult heavy metal band    40    CD

    Avantasia More Moonglow.The Rock Hard EP famous power metal band    10    Digisleeve CD

    Attack Revitalize speed metal band from the beginning of 90th    20    CD

    Astorvoltaires BlackTombsForDeadSongs melodic doom death metal    11    CD

    Asphyx Servants Of Death cult death metal band    10    CD

    Arcane Tales Power Of The Sky symphonic power metal    8    CD

    Arcane Tales Legacy Of The Gods symphonic power metal    8    CD

    Arcane Tales Sapphire Stone Saga symphonic power metal    8    CD

    Angrenost Where Only Shadows Remain melodic black metal    8    CD

    Amorphis Circle cult doom gothic metal band    22    CD

    Alcest Protection EP cult post black metal band    10    Digisleeve CD

    Aeonless Underearth Horizons black doom metal    8    CD

    Act Of Gods Dies Irae technical death metal    7    MCD

    Aborted Fetus The Art Of Violent Torture ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    Топь Летели Вороны atmospheric pagan black metal    7    CD

    Темнозорь (Москва) Sinim pagan black metal    8    РЎР’

    Смута Путь slavonic folk metal    7    CD

    Слепая Елань Неизбежность dark ambient    1    CD

    Славия Песне Воли Каленой pagan black metal    4    Pro CDr

    Сварга (Россия) Черная Падь pagan folk metal    44    Digibook CD + slipcase