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    Remembrance Silencing The Moments melodic doom death metal    16    CD

    Remembrance Frail Visions melodic doom death metal    16    CD

    Proscriptor The Venus Bellona cult darkwave/ambient project    18    Digi CD

    Pragnavit Skarby Zmiainaha Karala ambient/neofolk    16    Digibook CD

    Pitchshifter famous industrial metal band    9    CD

    Paragon Collapse The Dawning female fronted melodic doom metal    9    CD

    Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man CULT !!!    27    CD

    Orphan Remake technical death metal    9    Digi CD

    Omega Centauri Universum Infinitum swedish atmospheric black metal    16    Digi CD

    Obsidian Point Of Infinity progressive death metal    10    CD

    Nox Formulae The Hidden Paths To Black Ecstasy occult black metal    18    Digi CD

    Noose (USA) Demo 2017 blackened death metal    3    CDr

    No Limited Spiral Precode: Slaughter japanese melodic death metal    11    CD

    Neurosis Sovereign cult sludge doom metal band    16    CD

    Negative Or Nothing Drowned depressive black metal    9    Digi CD

    Nebrus Exta Malorum black doom metal    10    Digi CD

    Nachtblut Dogma melodic industrial black metal    18    CD

    Muntum Tzeck Everlasting Armageddon old school death thrash metal    7    CD

    Mortal Whisper Mortal Whisper old school speed metal    7    MCD

    Monumentum In Absentia Christi cult darkwave/gothic metal band    22    CD

    Misticia XVA old school death thrash metal    8    CD

    Metralion Quo Vadis/A Mosh In Brazil thrash metal band from the 80s    20    CD

    Meslamtaea New Era progressive black metal    7    CD

    Meatlocker Triangle Of Pain thrash metal band from the beginning of the 90s    11    MCD

    Massemord Skogen Kaller cult norwegian black metal band    18    CD

    Man Must Die The Human Condition technical death metal    18    CD

    Lux Occulta Major Arcana melodic black metal    14    CD

    Lord Vader Goliath heavy metal band from the 80s    13    CD

    Ligature Wound Undead Of The Night old school death metal    8    CD

    Law Of Contagion Woeful Litanies From The Nether Realms raw black death metal    11    CD

    La Ment Ready Set Grey gothic rock    6    Digisleeve ProCDr

    Killchain Where Is Your Saviour ? technical brutal death metal    8    CD

    Kawir Dei Kabeiroi raw black metal    27    CD

    Judgement Day 40 Minutes To Impact old school death metal    9    CD

    Iron Maiden Brave New World cult heavy metal band    13    CD

    Invigorate Sanctity The Last Of Misery ultrabrutal death metal    9    CD

    Inner Darkness La Dimension Del Castigo death thrash metal    8    CD

    Inferi Of Sunless Realms technical melodic death metal    23    CD in slipcase

    In Memorium From MiseryComes Darkness melodic black metal    9    CD

    Illdisposed Burn Me Wicked cult death metal band    16    CD

    I Gather Your Grief Dystopian Delusions symphonic doom death metal    8    MCD in paper sleeve

    Hroptatyr Hroptatyr viking black metal    12    CD

    Hollenkreis Des Bruders Boser Garten epic ambient with metal elements    9    Digi CD

    Hellwitch Syzygial Miscreancy cult thrash metal band    20    CD

    Heaven Shall Burn Invictus melodic death metal/metalcore    11    CD + DVD

    Hamys 14 Kuuta raw black metal    8    MCD

    Gutwrench The Art Of Mutilation death metal band from the beginning of the 90s    20    CD

    Groinchurn Sixtimesnine grind    11    CD

    Gravesideservice Popes Pears avantgarde melodic black metal    8    CD

    Gorement The Ending Quest cult death metal band    32    Digi CD

    Glaukom Synod The Unspeakable Horror industrial    3    CDr

    Geimhre Mollachd raw pagan black metal    8    CD

    Furious Trauma Eclipse old school death thrash metal    17    CD

    Fra Hedensk Tid Kaiki heno Inori raw black metal    8    CD

    Fleurety Min Tid Skal Komme cult black metal band    22    CD

    Feretrum From Far Beyond death metal band from the beginning of the 90s    16    CD

    Fafnir Hugin Og Munin viking black metal    10    CD

    Excruciation [t]horns cult doom death thrash metal band    12    Digi CD

    Euphoreon Ends Of The Earth melodic death metal    18    Digi Pro CDr

    Ensoph Project X-Katon/The Seductive Dwarf avantgarde gothic metal    13    Digi CD + MCD

    Encircling Wolves The Trial Of Traitors raw pagan black metal    14    CD

    Electro Toilet Syndrom/Vaginal Incest Split grind    8    CD

    Drawn And Quartered The One Who Lurks old school death metal    20    CD

    Dominanz Noxious norwegian industrial black metal    13    Digi CD

    Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration/Putrefuck Split gore grind    8    CD

    Dictator Dysangelist funeral black doom metal    27    Gatefold DLP

    Depicting Abysm Immersion atmospheric black metal    9    CD

    Degesch Degesch raw pagan black metal    14    CD

    Debauchery Dead Scream Symphony raw black metal    9    CD

    Deakon Miel raw black death metal    7    CD

    Darvulia/Sektarism Split raw black metal    31    LP

    Dark Moor Proiect X symphonic power metal    10    CD

    Dalla Nebbia The Cusp Of The Void atmospheric black doom metal    9    CD

    Cubanate Cyberia famous industrial band    38    CD

    Crimson Relic Purgatory's Reign cult death metal band    73    CD

    Corprophemia Abhorrogenesis brutal death meetal    8    CD

    Cold Moon Carnivorous Lunar Activities old school heavy/death metal    16    CD

    Christian Death Sexy Death God famous gothic rock/metal band    11    CD

    Cerber Hatred, Death, Intolerance melodic black death metal    7    CD

    Carnivoracy Dehumanize gore grind    8    CD

    Burzum Sol Austan Mani Vestan CULT!!!    22    Digi CD

    Brujeria Brujerizmo cult grind band    20    CD

    Bokrug Pantheon Of Abominations death grind    9    CD

    Blood Red Throne Altered Genesis cult brutal death metal band    17    CD

    Black Torment Ten Years Of Blasphemy old school blackened thrash metal    7    CD

    Biohazard No Hold Barred famous nu metal band    9    CD

    Behemoth Evangelion cult black death metal band    22    Digi CD + DVD

    Atra Vetosus Ius Vitae Necisque atmospheric black metal    7    MCD in slipcase

    Ashen Light . - . raw black metal    7    CD

    Arkheth Twelve Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew avantgarde black metal    14    Digi CD

    Apnea Ethereal Solitude post blaсk metal/shoegaze    8    CD

    Angelrust The Nightmare Unfolds melodic death thrash metal    10    CD

    An Open Letter An Open Letter depressive post black metal    9    Digi CD

    Alisoder Alisoder stoner doom metal    8    CD

    Agael Trost atmospheric black metal    13    CD

    Accept Metal Masters cult heavy metal band    21    CD

    Abacinate/(god-rot) Split ultrabrutal death metal/technical brutal death metal    7    CD

    , pagan folk metal    8    CD

    Mare Tenebrarum symphonic black metal    9    Pro CDr in DVD box

    Northscapes heathen ambient    7    CD