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    BandAlbumStyle  $  
    / , death metal bands from the beginning of the 90s    11    CD

    Gain old school heavy metal    73    CD

    Wicca Splended Deed thrash metal band from the 80s    38    CD

    W.A.S.P. Dominator cult heavy metal band    111    Gatefold LP

    Vlad Tepes Black Legions Spirits cult black metal band    16    CD

    Vibrion Closed Frontiers / Erradicated Life death metal band from the beginning of the 90s    18    CD

    Vallendusk Black Clouds Gathering atmospheric black metal    40    CD

    Unmerciful/Corphagy/Worms Inside / Infected Malignity Split brutal death metal    24    CD

    Unholy Archangel The Demos raw black metal    11    CD

    Undead Breed Demons To SomeAngels To Others melodic death metal    11    CD

    Twin Obscenity Bloodstone norwegian viking black metal    20    CD

    Thy Despair The Song Of Desolation female fronted symphonic gothic metal    10    CD

    The Nefilim Z-O-O-N industrial death/gothic metal    20    CD

    Sonata Arctica Silence melodic power metal    20    CD

    Sodom Decision Day cult thrash metal band    78    Gatefold DLP

    Sodom Code Red cult thrash metal band    144    Gatefold LP

    Shining Within Deep Dark Chambers cult black metal band    52    Picture LP

    Saturnalia Temple UR swedish stoner doom metal    19    Digi CD

    Running Wild Wild Animal cult heavy metal band    67    12"EP

    Running Wild Ready For Boarding cult heavy metal band    78    LP

    Raven (UK) Nothing Exceeds Like Excess cult heavy metal band    18    CD

    Phobic Instinct A Second Of Thought thrash metal band from the 80s    13    CD

    Officium Triste Ne Vivam melodic doom death metal    67    Gatefold LP

    Obscenity Cold Blooded Murder cult death metal band    56    LP

    Niko Skorpio Escape From Heaven industrial/dark ambient    16    CD

    Nightfall Lyssa melodic black death metal    17    Digi CD

    Nervosa Victim Of Yourself old school thrash metal    100    Gatefold LP

    Necrophobic Death To All cult black death metal band    40    CD in slipcase

    Necrophagia Death Is Fun cult death metal band    18    CD

    Napalm Death Punishment In Capitals grindcore founders    22    Digi CD

    Mutiilation Black Wind Of War cult black metal band    27    CD in slipcase

    Morte Incandescente Coffin Desecrators raw black metal    40    CD

    Morbid Angel Abominations Of Desolation cult death metal band    89    LP

    Metallica Ride The Lightning cult thrash metal band    356    Gatefold DLP

    Membro Genitali Befurcator Human Destruction ultrabrutal death metal    11    Digi CD

    Megadeth Super Collider cult thrash metal band    133    Gatefold LP +7"

    Megadeth Rust In Peace cult thrash metal band    289    LP

    Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids Dancing With The Antichrist famous industrial metal artist    12    CD

    Lecherous Nocturne Adoration Of The Blade technical brutal death metal    22    CD

    Leather Nun All Your Kin stoner doom metal    16    CD

    Krohm Slayer Of Lost Martyrs/Crown Of The Ancients cult black metal band    22    CD

    Kiss Of Death Stronger Than Before old school thrash metal    10    CD

    Kerbenok O atmospheric pagan black metal    22    A5 Digi CD

    Jotun Askvinter swedish viking black metal    16    CD

    Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time cult heavy metal band    100    LP

    Intothecrypt Vakor folk doom death metal    20    Digi CD

    Internal Suffering Choronzonic Force Domination cult brutal death metal band    27    CD

    Inherit Disease Procreating An Apocalypse technical ultrabrutal death metal    38    CD

    Infinity Nostalgia For The Dark Age raw black metal    13    CD

    In Quest Epileptic technical death metal    9    CD

    Ignominia Ars Moriendi old school death metal    9    CD

    Human Cordyceps Eternal Ascendancy ultrabrutal death metal    7    MCD

    Hjelvik Welcome To Hel norwegian viking metal    18    CD

    Helloween Helloween power metal founders    89    Picture MLP

    Hatebreed The Rise Of Brutality famous metalcore band    13    CD

    Hanging Garden Into That Good Night finnish melodic doom death metal    24    CD

    Groinchurn Sixtimesnine grind    12    CD

    Grave Digger Tunes Of War cult heavy metal band    122    LP

    Giboraltar Lichtgeburt pagan black metal    10    CD

    Gamma Ray Sigh No More cult power metal band    189    LP

    Forhist Forhist atmospheric black metal    23    Digi CD

    Flegethon The Art Of Regeneration funeral doom metal    3    CDr

    Fall Of The Leafe Fermina finnish melodic death metal    19    CD

    Ewig Finster Unterm Kreuze zum Sarg depressive black metal    13    A5 Digi CD

    Ereb Altor The End viking doom metal    27    CD

    Enorhted Panegyric To The Iniquitous melodic extreme progressive metal    13    CD

    Elysian Blaze Cold Walls And Apparitions depressive black doom metal    16    CD

    Ecnephias Seven - The Pact Of Debauchery gothic / melodic death metal    13    CD

    Drudkh i (Handful of Stars) cult atmospheric black metal band    22    CD

    Dorsal Atlantica Ultimatum thrash metal band from the 80-s    11    CD

    Disgusted Geist Reign Of Enthrallment doom death metal    12    CD

    Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant symphonic black metal    356    LP

    Desire (Portugal) InfinityA Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream melodic funerary doom death metal    111    Gatefold DLP

    Demonseed Chemical Abuse technical ultrabrutal death metal    9    MCD

    Deicide In The Minds Of Evil cult death metal band    156    LP

    Deathspawn Reverendus technical death metal    10    CD

    Dawn Ov Hate Death D'Hivern fast raw black metal    9    CD

    Dark Matter (Mexico) Become atmospheric black metal    9    Digi MCD

    Curse/Sykdom Split pagan black metal    10    CD

    Cripple Bastards Nero In Metastasi cult grind band    22    CD

    Coroner Mental Vortex cult thrash metal band    189    LP

    Clouds Departe atmospheric doom death metal    178    Gatefold DLP

    Center Of Disease Unholy Excarnations ultrabrutal death metal    9    CD

    Candlemass Ancient Dreams cult doom metal band    167    LP

    Candlemass Nightfall cult doom metal band    178    LP

    Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus cult doom metal band    333    LP

    Breathing Hell Gospel Of Annihilation black thrash metal    10    Digi CD

    Blood Mortized Blood Mortized old school death metal    28    CD

    Blazing Corpse The Universe Shouts My Name doom death metal    11    CD

    Beerdigungs Lauten Mental Grindcore (Demo 1994) grindcore    9    MCD

    Atreides Neopangea heavy power metal    10    CD

    Ashes Reborn Contamination old school death thrash metal    9    CD

    Archeonic Digital Pain old school technical death metal    10    CD

    Annihilator Never, Neverland cult thrash metal band    111    LP

    Alpthraum Cacophonies From Six Nightmares atmospheric ambient black metal    9    CD

    Agent Steel Unstoppable Force cult speed metal band    100    LP

    Acrid Semblance From The Oblivion melodic death metal    12    CD

    Above The Stars Above The Stars melodic black death metal    22    Digi CD

    Mare Tenebrarum symphonic black metal    10    Pro CDr in DVD box

    folk metal    9    CD