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    BandAlbumStyle  $  
    Varua Ino Pacific War old school thrash metal    12    CD

    Transmetal Sepelio En El Mar cult thrash metal band    11    CD

    Tenebrarum (Mexico) The Equinox cult black death metal band    8    MCD

    Svarrogh Kukeri folk black metal    8    CD

    Svarrogh Lady Vitosha folk black metal    8    CD

    SorgSvart Vikingtid Og Anarki norwegian folk black metal    9    CD

    Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy Iron cult doom death metal band    9    CD

    Sanatorium Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones20 Years Later brutal death metal    9    CD

    Reaction Ecstasy Trance Silence gothic doom metal    8    CD

    Pyphomgertum G.O.R.E. cult death metal band    7    MCD

    Pyopoesy Caligo/Tyrannus old school melodic death metal    8    CD

    Ozric Tentacles Vitamin Enhanced cult progressive/space rock band    89    6CD Box

    Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift cult progressive/space rock band    20    CD

    Ork Blessed By Evil raw black metal    9    CD

    Opprobrium Serpent Temptation cult death thrash metal band    22    CD

    Necromantia Ancient Pride cult black metal band    11    CD

    Miasmal Cursed Redeemer old school death metal    13    CD

    Mathias Grassow Aeroarea dark ambient    31    4CD Box

    Mandrake The Balance Of Blue female fronted gothic metal band    12    Double Digi CD

    Maggots Dead and Loving It grind    7    CD

    Lotus Circle Bottomless Vales And Boundless Floods blackened drone doom    7    CD

    Light The Torch Revival metalcore    13    CD

    Lie In Ruins Towards Divine Death old school death metal    18    CD

    Leval Blessing Leval Blessing technical death grind    7    CD

    Laibach Volk cult industrial band    27    Digibook CD

    Kreator Terrible Certainty/Out Of The DarkInto The Light cult thrash metal band    29    CD

    Kill By Numbers We Held Honds And Counted The Dead mid tempo and slow death metal    7    CD

    Karnak (Italy) The Call Of Death technical brutal death metal    6    MCD

    Judas Iscariot To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding raw black metal    12    CD

    Iuramentum The Awakening melodic viking death metal    12    CD

    Invocator Live Odense 04.11.1989 cult thrash metal band    9    CD

    Intestinal Extirpation Swallowing Humans For A New Amorphous Breed ultrabrutal death metal    8    CD

    Inglorious Death Syndrome old school death metal    7    Digi CD

    Incognita Madeirus Sarcasticus thrash metal band from the middle of 90-th    9    CD

    Impaler The Gruesome Years old school heavy/speed metal    7    CD

    Ibex Throne Total Inversion raw black metal    8    CD

    Hrizg Anthems To Decrepitude raw black metal    8    CD

    Hiidenhauta Noitia On Minun Sukuni finnish melodic black metal    9    CD

    Hell Bell Praying For A Good Fukk/Devilish Metal blackened heavy/thrash metal    9    CD in DVD box

    Heaps Of Dead Deceased Dismembered And Left To Decay ultrabrutal death metal    6    CD

    Hammergoat Regeneration Through Depopulation raw black metal    8    CD

    Grue Casualty Of The Psychic Wars raw black metal    8    CD

    Gravesite Horrifying Nightmares old school death metal    12    CD

    Grave Desecrator Unblessed Bootleg raw black metal    8    CD

    Goats Of Doom Rukous finnish melodic black metal    10    CD

    General Surgery Necrology cult grind band    18    Digi MCD

    From The Shores Of Apathy melodic death thrash metal    8    CD

    For Centuries Centuries Of Black Fire epic doom metal    8    MCD

    Fomorii/Wiatr Split pagan black metal    11    CD

    Feticide Psychaos/Organic God Syndrome old school brutal death metal    8    CD

    Falchion Legacy Of Heathens finnish melodic death metal    11    CD

    Exodus Good Friendly Violent Fun cult thrash metal band    20    CD

    Evil Emperor/Corrosivo Split brutal death metal    4    ProCDr

    Eros Necropsique Pathos gothic/neoclassic/darkwave    27    CD

    Endezzma Alone norwegian black metal    10    MCD

    Embracing Dreams Left Behind old school melodic death metal    9    CD

    Elisabetha Und Wirklichkeit Erfullt Die Seel ambient black metal    7    CD

    Ectoplasma Cryogenically Revived old school death metal    8    CD

    Dreams After Death/Nagaarum Split melodic funeral doom metal    10    CD

    DMC Decapitation old school death metal    8    CD

    Dispatched Terrorizer. The Last Chapter old school melodic death metal    9    Digi CD

    Disgrace Worm Epoca Obscura old school doomy death metal    9    CD

    Disgrace (Finland) Grey Misery cult death metal band    16    CD

    Digitus In Recto Fresh Trash industrial/gothic metal    8    CD

    Destruction Spiritual Genocide cult thrash metal band    14    CD

    Demogorgon Christ Is A Lie old school death metal    7    MCD

    Deep Purple Slaves And Masters cult hard rock band    10    CD

    Decomposed God Storm Of Blasphemies old school death metal    8    CD

    Deadlock Bizarro World melodic death metal    10    CD

    Darkest Hate Warfront Satanik Annihilation Kommando raw black metal    9    Digi CD

    Daemonian Endless Corridor melodic black death metal    11    CD

    Crypticus Dedicated To The Impure old school brutal death metal    13    CD

    Covered In Flies Covered In Flies raw black metal    7    CDr

    Corpus Christii/Thesyre Split cult black metal bands    8    CD

    Coldnight Waterfall Of Suicides depressive ambient black metal    8    CD

    Choronzon Magog Agog avantgarde black metal    8    CD

    Cemetery Urn Urn Of Blood old school death metal    13    CD

    Celesty Vendetta epic power metal    13    CD

    Carcass Wake Up And Smell The Carcass cult death grind band    19    CD

    Broken Hope Mutilated And Assimilated cult death metal band    27    Digi CD + DVD

    Broken Hope Repulsive Conception cult death metal band    40    CD

    Blasphemy Fallen Angel Of Doom/Gods Of War/Blood Upon The Altar cult black metal band    10    CD

    Black Countess Feetish gothic black metal    27    CD

    Bathory Twilight Of The Gods CULT !!!    20    CD

    Aversion To Mankind Suicidiology depressive black metal    8    CD

    Atheist Jupiter cult death metal band    16    Digi CD

    Ars Macabra Daemonolatria Hypnotica fast black metal    7    CD

    Antiquus Scriptum Conclamatum Est folk black metal    9    Digi CD

    Ancient The Halls Of Eternity melodic black metal    12    CD

    Alpheratz Egregorian Oath ambient black metal/dungeon synth    9    CD

    Akuma For The Beloved Bones sludge doom metal    9    CD

    Airbourne Black Dog Barking old school heavy metal    14    Double Digi CD

    Agathodaimon Phoenix symphonic black metal    13    Digi CD

    Act Of Gods Dies Irae technical death metal    7    MCD

    Abomination Tragedy Strikes cult death metal band    27    CD

    pagan doom death metal    8    CD

    atmospheric pagan black metal    7    CD

    slavonic folk metal    7    CD

    dark ambient    1    CD

    pagan black metal    4    Pro CDr