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Vietah - Zorny Maroz (Starfrost) / SCP 041

From Belarus hails Vietah, the one man band with Antarctis handling all the instruments. Described as atmoshpheric Black Metal, I was definitely curious to check it out because it´s something I usually like. But the fact that this was his first work could have different meanings. Personally I feel that the first albums are usually some of the best works from bands because you can see what they are all about and what they can do.
Having listened to "Zorny Maroz" for a few times, the first thing I noticed were the resemblances with Nokturnal Mortum, at least in the vocals. Which is good, at least to me, because I like Nokturnal Mortum a lot and there aren´t many bands out there that sound like those guys.
As for the music goes, is at it´s described. Cold and dark atmospheric Black Metal, very nicely performed, specially for a debut.
There are only 5 songs here, but the album gives you around 40 minutes of music, so it´s not that bad.
In the end, I feel that Vietah sounds like some melodic feeling was added into a normal raw Black Metal band, which is something I don´t see that often.
"Zorny Maroz" is a very decent piece of Black Metal music, and I´d recommend it to anyone who likes Black Metal with a bit of a gloomy feeling.
8/10 Pedro Santos - Metal March zine

Vietah - Zorny Maroz (Starfrost) / SCP 041

Vietah is the one man project coming directly from Antarctis brain and heart. And this si an album of contrasts: of distorted guitars with aggressive riffs and of melancholic and atmospheric keyboards. Of instrumental tunes and of tunes that have agonic voices on them. Of ambient parts and of more aggressive moments. Vietah has influences of old school black metal bands of this type, such as Burzum but ha managed to explore new sides of darkness keeping originality on the tunes. The album has a dark and raw sound that fits the black emtal spirit of the music. Pure atmospheric darkness.
Federico / Music Extreme zine