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Sea Of Desperation - Spiritual Lonely Pattern / SCP 028

Lefthander, the same composer who brought us Raxa is, here again, the sole driving force behind Sea of Desperation. Founded in 2002, the released its debut (To My Beloved...) in 2005.
Spiritual Lonely Pattern is a concept album dealing with death, the after world and lost spirits. Lefthander recorded nearly an hour of music, then divided this composition into eight songs. One has to pay attention because sometimes a new song starts without noticing it. Again this multi-instrumentalist demonstrates quite a versatility and high ability to handle, with as much ease, the various instruments - may it be the drums, guitars, keyboards or the clean vocals and grunts. The overall feel of Spiritual Lonely Patterns is intense Doom Metal with a slight progressive edge. Touches of sonic experimentation are also dispersed throughout the opus. Nice heavy and crushing riffs meet more delicate arpeggios, lead guitar playing and even some acoustic passages. Electronics, samplings and dark keys complete the sad and melancholic musical scenery. Since every single composition is as good as the others, I can´t come up with a list of favorite tracks to point at.
Another very enjoyable Doom release from Stygian Crypt.
4,25/5 Pagan Shadow - The Metal Crypt zine

Sea Of Desperation - Spiritual Lonely Pattern / SCP 028

Here we have this baby from Lethander´s brain. This multi instrumentalist composer surprises constantly with multiple ideas, riffs and melodies. The music here is full of melancholy and beauty and each note played here is created with pure sadness. Here we have also keyboards thata re essential in order to create the atmospheres that you can find through all this recording. Lefthander´s vocals are most of the time of the growling type, fitting the aggression of the music, but a couple of times he uses also clean voices (I prefer his growling because it is much more aggressive and adds more energy to the music). there are good compositional skills here and that is evident in the multiple melodies, textures and arrangements created. Lovers of a combination between sadness, aggression and experimentation should check this one.
Federico - Music Extreme zine

Sea Of Desperation - Spiritual Lonely Pattern / SCP 028

An album of pure melodic doom metal has been created by Sea of Desperation. Spiritual Lonely Pattern was released in 2006 and well received. Since then another release has come forth entitled, Dread Poems of the Fall, but that album is for a future review! Spiritual Lonely Patterns combines melodic depression with a grim doom metal outlook. Paradise Lost, Cathedral, and My Dying Bride have become legends in this genre. Sea Of Desperation take a page out of the gothic doom metal genre and add a sense of classy production and talented writings. With this comes the vocals of oppression. Opeth comes to mind in similar vocal style. There are 8 songs totaling 49 minutes. Plenty of music to dull the senses. Certain songs really sstand out on this album: Departure, Cast Me Reflection, and Dream Hole give the listener a great amount of classic doom ridden melody. Sea of Desperation did a wonderful job on Spiritual Lonely Pattern. Fans of gothic style doom like earlier mentioned bands My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost will really get into Sea of Desperation.
4/5 Alex - Burning Misery zine