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Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis/ SCP 033

Качественное CD-переиздание уже как-то подробно нами рассмотренного альбома воронежских музыкантов, тогда ещё в качестве кассетного релиза московской конторы Hobgoblin rec. Запись была сделана в 1999 году, после неё у группы уже успел выйти новый полноформатник Light & Shadows´02, также в CD-формате – т.е. закономерно возникает вопрос, стоило ли переиздавать старую работу, которой уже более 4 лет, если есть новая музыка и новый альбом?.. Впрочем, ответ будет положительным – музыка "Мёртвой Маленькой Берты" и того времени действительно достойна качественного CD-воплощения. Эмоциональный, насыщенный, многоОбразный, гармонично сочетающий агрессию и меланхолию, качественный и не лишённый определённой доли присущего LITTLE DEAD BERTHA своеобразия gothic/doom/death metal, на сегодняшний день кажущийся немного архаичным в своих очертаниях, но от этого вовсе не потерявший актуальности и музыкальной ценности. На жёсткие дэзовые риффы и глубокий гроул неспешно накатывают волны меланхоличных клавишных мелодий, чистого мужского и женского вокалов и эмоционального голоса скрипки, иногда уступая место более умиротворённым акустическим пассажам; воспоминания о классических работах MDB, ранних THEATRE OF TRAGEDY и чуть THE GATHERING накрывают душу пеленой светлой печали, ностальгии и романтики. Немного глуховатая и недостаточно чёткая запись напоминает также о нюансах российского происхождения LITTLE DEAD BERTHA, однако почти не портит итоговое впечатление от альбома – так или иначе, хорошую музыку не спрячешь за небольшими студийными недоработками.
Guardian, M-zine 7,5/10

Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis/ SCP 033

Little Dead Bertha are a very talented band from Russia which I had the chance to discover a few years ago. Their debut dates back from 98, but they have been around since 94, if I´m not mistaken.
I´m familiar with a couple of their releases, but this isn´t really a new album, it´s a re-release from their debut full-length which dates back from 98, and it´s entitled "In Memorium Premortis". The same actually happened with their "Two Sides" album, which I also had a chance to review.

Being their first full-length album and all, there was probably a lot of expectations around it. After listening to it for a few times, "In Memorium Premortis" is actually a very good album, maybe my favourite amongst their other releases.
The sound itself is a little rough on the edges, but it´s all part of the charm, I guess.

The band aims for a mixture between Doom and Gothic Metal and that´s pretty much what they deliver. Keyboards and vocals, as well as the other instruments, would suggest a Doom band, but the rhythm of the music has "Gothic Metal" written all over it. Which is quite good, in my opinion, if they were more slow paced than this I´d probably have a hard time getting into it.

This was definitely a good idea by Stygian Crypt Productions, it would be a shame if this album would only be available in tape or something. The artwork is also pretty good, resulting in a perfect combination with the rest.
8,5 Pedro Santos - Metal march zine

Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis/ SCP 033

In Memorium Premortis is a re-mastered and reissued version of the original work dating back to 1998, which happens to be the band´s debut effort.
One of the elements of Doom Metal that I really enjoy is the crushing guitar riffs, often beefed up by the bass and/or multi-tracks recording. Well, this album suffers from a lack of this muscular string effects. I feel the bass is too strong compared to the somewhat subdued and dry distorted guitars. In the end, the whole sound turns out to be a bit dull. On the other hand, the music itself is generally sad and depressive, suiting the musical genre this band has chosen. Clean and growl male, and female vocals make up the vocal department. Apparently, drum machines were used but they could have fooled me since they sound real good. The best part of In Memorium Premortis has to be the nice musical interludes and the frequent use of the violin throughout this recording. Two of my favorite numbers are the instrumental called "Intro" and the title track. "Intro´ has a symphonic/epic edge while the other has a pleasant duo involving clean guitar (bass?) and violin with some wind and rain samplings. Little Dead Bertha sometimes sound a bit progressive like can be witnessed on these good compositions: "Your Fate is Pain" and "Dreams Now Comfort for Defunct."
In Memorium Premortis has nice musical breaks but I would have hoped for more crunch in the rhythmic department.
3,75/5 Pagan Shadow - The Metal Crypt zine

Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis/ SCP 033

Here we have one of the bands that can deliver more melancholic and deppressive music on Earth. Yes, we have here the new Little Dead Bertha recording, full of heavy guitar riffs and sad melodies. Here we have a band that can deliver really aggressive tunes, but always using their melodic trademark sound, with amazing violin lines. Here we have growling voices that fit perfectly the dark sound of the rest of the band, being of the type of growl that goes beyond pure aggression, adding also a dark feeling. As always, there is really good interaction between the guitars and the violin, creating incredibly beautiful melodies, along with the amazing female vocals. The band sounds tight and well reheasrsed and the tunes are really well developed. A band full of sadness and aggression that always gives a lot of pleasure when you listen to it.
Federico - Music Extreme zine

Little Dead Bertha - In Memorium Premortis/ SCP 033

Little Dead Bertha is a Russian metal band that was founded in 1994 and played thrash metal. When a second guitarist and a violin player were add to the band they switched style to dark doom death like My Dying Bride, Amorphis or Paradise Lost. This album was originally released as a tape but here in 2007 it is remastered and put on CD.
The sound is good and clean and not so heavy as they are used to do it these days. The songs are slicing with the guitar riffs with a grumming grunt over it. Atmospheric melody is created in the riffs and the violin phases besides the coldness of life by the male vocals. Tempo is as doom should be mostly mid paced but there are rapids like in the track "Get To Like Me".
As this album was originally from 1998 with less sound quality and the band has evolved to other music paths, this release is interesting for the real fans and for those who like to hear an obscure 90 doom death metal album.
Twan -Brutalism zine