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Hildr Valkyrie - Shield Brothers of Valhalla / SCP 043

H. Valkyrie member of well known FOLKEARTH, decided to create own project (back in 2003) in aim to do something different of usual metal scene, and as result we have new good stuff into Viking style. Here isnt standard Viking metal, because here arent tons of guitar riffs and chaotic drumming, he-he, but here are just folkloric melodies with ambient touches. Of course here are guitar parts (both acoustic and electro), but here they arent playing main role in the music. Music is based on mid tempos, with female vocals (H. Valkyrie) and good ancient atmosphere. Id like to admit here arent any right original things, I cant remember some names right now, but Ive heard bands with plays in such style exactly. Nevertheless HV is really interesting, professional and memorable in its sense, and this is the main thing that heres good stuff, isnt it? As for atmosphere, so heres good one, its really filled with all necessary moods to imagine those ancient times here was sung about. The only bad thing is HV dont have real drummer, yes, heres drum-machine just Maybe its question of time just Such kind of music is popular and I think HV have lots of fans already. And if you are into not brutal Viking metal and ambient HV is for you! All in all here are intro, 6 long compositions, outro and two good covers of FALKENBACH with BATHORY.
4/5 Alexander Maximov- ANTICHRIST ´zine

Hildr Valkyrie - Shield Brothers of Valhalla / SCP 043

Pure viking metal with extremely tallented musicianship is what we have here. And we have here also the superb voice of Hildr Valkyrie who also has created all the music on this album. And Hildr Valkyrie succeeds in creating very personal and original viking metal, full of epic melodies and atmospheric arrangements. The music here is full of keyboards and acoustic parts and there are also interesting heavy moments where Hildr Valkyrie´s vocals shine with pure intensity. She also plays most of the instruments here, showing good technical skills. The album has a really clear sound that makes the listening enjoyable. Pure original viking music ¡!! The Bathory and Falkenbach covers add even more viking spirit to this amazing music.
Federico / Music Extreme zine