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Folkearth - Fatherland / SCR 046

The 2004 founded international projects sixth album came up in the last year at the SC Records. The current formation is USA: Mark Riddick (music, drum program, sampler, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars); England: Eleanor Lucas (violin, vocals) and Sterghios A. Moschos (drum); Greece: Hildr Valkyrie (lyrics, percussions,, music, keyboards, vocals), Luresia (vocal), Marios Houtsoukos (lyrics, music, keyboards, vocal), Polydeykis (music); France: Loki (guitar, keyboards, vocal, music, drum programs); Lithuania: Metfolvik (pipe); Italy: Elio DAlessandro (vocal); Switzerland: Simon Müller (music, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, flute). (A Nordic Poem 2004, By The Sword Of My Father 2006, Drakkars In The Mist 2007, Father Of Victory és Songs Of Yore 2008)
It is hard to define the genre, there are definite indicators however, like the gothic or folk black metal, or i could mention neo folk as well. Well, lets see what the new stuff is like.
The first track, the Hymn of Zeus sounds like a neo folk stuff (it is very similar to Ataraxia, Rosa Crux, Sopor Aeternus). Above the powerful female vocal, the other female voice sounds firmly. The music mainly built on programs and percussion sounds, the keyboard can be found as well however. The Braver Than Heroes Vow opens with acoustic guitar, which slowly dissolves into the world of folk black metal. The music is a little bit atmospheric, the drums/guitar/bass line-up take their role in the music, but the wind instruments/strings appear sometimes across the themes. The vocal is mixed up til the end; Nordic atmospheres mingle in the structure.
The Guardian of the Bridge opens with heavy black metal beat, the epic marks can be found here as well of course. The female vocal is extremely colorful and powerful, just like the music itself. As if an old story would appear before our eyes. The part with the string instruments fits the structure very well, its simple but perfect. The Freedom or Death (Kosovo 1389) built upon heroic feelings, the music is a little bit weak, the idea however is not bad at all, they should have worked on it a bit more. It is full of good parts, themes; the refrain itself is not that nimble tough. The fill with acoustic guitars is just perfect. The Terro From the Sea starts with dirty guitar, rapid drums, then continues with folk, clean male voice with pipes. We can hear an energetic, emphatic song with deep folk roots. I wouldnt say its unique, but fascinating by all means.
The Fatherlands guitar opening, the harmonies and pipes in it, totally dominate the music. The musical bases, except the vocal, cite the neo folk again, the vocal fits the music, I feel it sometimes out if it however. The next song is The Fall of Atlantis, which is another folk black metal theme. A middle-beat, the vocal is cawing, the instruments in it varies with folk themes. It has a bit of march-like feeling, the armies strain against each other, before they clash, just like the notes in the song. After the flute start of The Victory Rune, the hard guitar play, the monotone drum base and the deep bass blast in, with theatrical female voice and vocal mass. The vocal itself makes the song with typical bases incredibly talking and interesting. Its fantastic. A burial feeling dominates the In Blessed Days slow, melancholic structure. I miss the dynamics from the bases a bit, nothings wrong with the fills, but those stuff dont hit, which should, and because of this, the song isnt full.
The The Cataphract Legion is better, powerful play defines the band again, the vocal carries the previous line, but it sounds a bit farfetched here, the base is a bit poor now, we couldnt say however, that the song is not okay in the idea. The implementation has much room for improvement tough. The Exile returns to the first tracks neo folk atmosphere, with great synth and strings base, and beautiful female vocal. They should think in terms of this this is a very beautiful and nice music. The album is good in the whole, but it would needed more work, the time of publishing was too early. They should take this into account since this is their sixth album. It is recommended for the friends of this style.
8/10 Kronos Mortus zine

Folkearth - Fatherland / SCR 046

And the quest goes on the well known FOLKEARTH had been very productive within the last months and their sixth release Fatherland is the third full release during only one year. I was not completely sure if the multi national band could bring their battle ship back on track after the disappointing acoustic album Songs of Yore but all these concerns had been completely in vain. Fatherland is (again) a great release and much more important its a great metal album full of various Folklore influences. The band had become relatively small with only 11 members from only 7 different countries (during 2004 FOLKEARTH could nearly start an invasion with over thirty full members) but the mayor trademarks are still there. Fatherland is maybe a little more influenced by medieval Folklore than the previous releases but the band has found the perfect middle way between the Metal songs and the folklore visits to ancient times. Especially songs like Guardian of the Bridge or Terror from the Sea are offering perfect Pagan Metal with great melodies and I hope that Stygian Crypt can push their promotion machinery to the limit the FOLKEARTH crew and especially their best release so far deserves a little more attention by the international underground.
Matthias Auchm / Voices from the Dark Side zine

Folkearth - Fatherland / SCR 046

7/10 Costas Silent / Sacratum magazine

Folkearth - Fatherland / SCR 046

And again, new album of this worldwide bandJ. Hm, not bad 5 years of existence 6 albums are released very creative. Ok, to be honest Im always waiting for their new albums with an interest, since their music is very interesting and almost all albums have different from each other. This time I was impressed again, music is made in great way still, and filled with greatest melodies. Here on this album were musicians from 7 countries (Greece, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Italy, UK and USA), playing in such bands FOLKODIA, HILDR VALKYRIE, PANTHEIST, FREKKR, EXCELSIS, SUNUTHAR and so on Musically heres still Folk Viking metal, made with great passion. Music is very reach and interesting, with great melodies of various instruments, and Im dare to say this album isnt copying previous FOLKEARTH albums, but just still continues their tale Again various tempos involved here, and then youll hear both fast and slow tunes, with even some quiet and acoustic parts as well. Majestic guitar riffs together with folk instruments and various types of vocals, and of course musicians were able create great ancient atmosphere, so this album will be good also not only for people into metal music! 11 tracks which will bring you many years back!
4/5 Alexander Maximov- ANTICHRIST ´zine