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Autumn - ...and We are Fallen Leaves / SCP 031

Autumn, saddest of all seasons, where life and nature is slowly decaying all around us in preparation of the dreadful, longest and most vicious time of the year, the senseless natural disaster, winter...
...And We Are Falling Leaves is the re-mastered / re-issued version of Autumn´s debut that came out in 1997. It was given a better sound production and two live recordings as bonus tracks, never released before material which will appeal to the fan of the bands. Autumn is the closest season to doom and one could easily be absorbed in the beautiful sadness contained in the artwork of the booklet. Just by looking at the cover, we are already getting lost into the deep and mysterious forest. ...And We Are Falling Leaves is a Doom Metal opus made by a young Russian band. Slow paced, sadly melodic compositions with a nice balance between calm melodic breaks and the more crushing and heavy moments of the genre. Male clean vocals vs. harsher tones can be heard. More leaning towards the spoken style, the vocals are not always precise and can be distractive at times but, somehow they do fit the overall mood. Contrastingly, the female back vocals are so pure and beautiful. We can hear clean echoing arpeggios, like in the intros for instances, while ambient keyboard parts add that harmonious touch quite often. In the more muscled passages, appropriate harsh vocals give their best performance.
I would be curious to find out how Autumn have matured, and if they took their talent to the next level. Amongst the good numbers can be found: "The Druid Autumn", "Fall Man", "Gods" and "Bottomless..."
3,75/5 Pagan Shadow - The Metal Crypt zine

Autumn - ...and We are Fallen Leaves / SCP 031

Deep and dark feeling is what we have here and every note played by this band delivers darkness over the listener. Here we have deep vocals as in bands like Moonspell and here they are delivered combined with growling voices that sound like coming from beyond the grave. And this extreme vocals are what give also a deathly feeling to Autumn´s music. Melancholic melodies created with unusual instrumentation are all over the place here and I really enjoyed the multiple passages of magnificent sorrow. The sound is crystal clear letting the listener appreciate all the arrangements that this band creates. Here we have also a good rhythm section that delivers slow rhythms leaving space for the vocals and the guitars to do their job. A killer mix of aggression and melancholy.
Federico - Music Extreme zine