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The new album of yaroslavians STOZHAR is released today. A regular edition is still available. A digibook limited to 100 copies will be available a little later.

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New album of folk metal band Stozhar from Yaroslavl out now on our label. The first press-limited digibook, released in 100 copies. The traditional edition in a plastic box will be released later this month.

Two new releases.

Two new releases came out today. The farewell album of the Swedes ANACHRONAEON Everyday Chronicles. After recording this album, the band ceased to exist. For fans of folk/melodic death metal, the third album of LAST WAIL - Forgotten.

Two new releases.

A Christmas gift for epic metal fans. Today we have 2 new releases. The third album by Serbian band NUMENOR-Chronicles From the Realms Beyond, containing 2 exclusive bonus tracks and a new cover design and the second album by English band Downcast Twilight - Wrath of the Anunnaki, telling about the adventures of Sumerian gods and heroes. Both releases are available on CD.


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THERION - Blood Of The Dragon

Stygian Crypt Productions and Possession productions presents!

For almost 30 years THERION deserved a tribute album like no one else. Not because the fact of their existence or decades on scene, but at least for creating a genre "symphonic metal".

Surely, dominating keyboards and female vocals were used in metal before THERION, but it was they, who approached it in a big way and could masterfully unite a magnificence of symphonic orchestras, classical operatic vocals and heavy guitar riffs. ´Theli´ and its successor ´Vovin´ are the cornerstones of symphonic metal that inspired many musicians to play this music, which led them to success.

With delight, we are happy to announce that we again joined forces to make an epic release. Deep adherence to the music of the Swedish Beast from Stygian Crypt Productions and immense respect for the totality of His dark lyrics from Possession Productions led to the incarnation of this amazing limited 2CD Digibook.

This album restored "historical justice" and gives tribute to the masters of the genre that keep their own unique style while performing as their songs, as also diverse covers from Abba to Manowar (let´s not also forget about the whole album that covers various songs from French 60-70s estrade).

Track list:
01 Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica)
02 The King (Accept)
03 Southbound (Thin Lizzy)
04 Witching Hour (Venom)
05 Green Manalishi (Fleetwood Mac)
06 Revelations (Iron Maiden)
07 Black Funeral (feat. Messiah Marcolin) (Mercyful Fate)
08 Iron Fist (Motorhead)
09 Ivanubis Hollanda Perennial Sophia
10 Ivanubis Hollanda Raven Of Dispersion

01 GHOST WARFARE An Arrow From The Sun
02 ANTYRA Asgard
04 REMAINS Genocidal Raids
05 DAY 40 Invocation Of Naamah
06 DARK LETTER Kali Yuga. Part I
07 WHIRLWIND STORM Liusalvheim
08 THEOSOPHY Pandemonic Outbreak
09 THEUDHO Schwarzalbenheim
10 THE EXPERIMENT no.Q Seven Secrets Of The Sphynx
11 IMPERIAL AGE To Mega Therion
12 ELIMI The Blood Of Kingu
13 NUMENOR The Riders Of Theli
14 MARE INFINITUM The Wand Of Arabis
15 FROZEN OCEAN The Wings Of The Hydra
16 MAJESTY OF REVIVAL Wisdom And The Cage

Every band in this album not only presented their vision of THERION ´s songs (including quite rare songs, by the way), but also told why they chose exactly this composition.

Real unique release for dedicated fanatics of THERION!

HILDR VALKYRIE - Revealing The Heathen Sun

The second full-length album by Greek heathen metal band HILDR VALKYRIE out now on our label. You can order the CD from us and our distributors.


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THE EXTINCT DREAMS - (Fragments of Eternity)

Stygian Crypt productions and Backfire productions present new album of the band The Extinct Dreams ("Fragments of Eternity")
Canonical Doom-death metal pierced with athmospheric Post-metal and Sanskrit mantras together with fascinating melodies of ancient sitar. Fragments of Eternity is the most mature and versatile work of the musicians.
The album was mastered by Greg Chandler who is the leader of the band Esoteric.
The album is released as limited edition Digipack-CD which ´ll became the adornment for all fans of underground music.


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FFERYLLT - Achanterez

Our label has released the third album of symphonic folk metal from Krasnodar city. The main features of the album are female vocal, male growling, choirs and orchestral arrangements together with Western Europian folk instruments (bagpipe, Irish flute) and more traditional instruments for symphonic music (cello, violin, viola and double bass). In A Sprengisandi track shamanic tambourine is used.
The album includes 11 tracks. 9 of them are composed by the band; cover of traditional Icelandic song A Sprengisandi and also the song Defenders of Tanelorn which was written by Tanelorn band. Tha final track is Achanterez (Sorceress in Bretonian). Lyrics were written by Bretonian musician Nikolaz Gislais and Fferyllt vocalist Ekaterina Godlevskaya. This track is the only acoustic ballad of Fferyllt.
Art and design were made by Jan Yrlund. In June well release limited deluxe digibook edition with bonus disc.

VIETAH - Czornaja Cvil

Possession and Stygian Crypt present the fourth album of VIETAH Czornaja Cvil.
The album is pierced by double-edged misanthropical decadent thoughts and melodies. It is stranger to friendly crowds and jolly drinking in natures lap. It eulogizes starless sky which apathetically looking at Autumns corpse tormented by the Winter and llyind below.
It smells with bonfire of dried leaves fume which was blanketed with snow.
The old moon with new winter deadly face above the night horizon again.
4 joyless tracks decorated with 8-pages black-and-gray booklet without silver, lacquer, glitter and other embellishments.

ANACHRONAEON - The Oracle And The Keyholder

The new the fifth album of Swedish band ANACHRONAEON has come into the world via our label. By genre it´s the same melodic dark death metal. Also it´s conceptual work as previous albums. It devoted to person who sacrifice all for his art. Be in coma he goes through key moments of his life escorting by Oracle looking for the answers.
Artwork by W.Smerdulak.

MIELLNIR - Incineration Astern

In the last day of outgoing year we present the debut album of Ukrainian band MIELLNIR- Incineration Astern. The band plays epic viking metal. The album consists of 9 tracks, 5 of them are new and 4 were recorded earlier. Notwithstanding the matherial of Incineration Astern is monolithic and apperhands as a single whole. Looking for your orders!


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DIATHRA - Fascinating Impulses

Our label has released the new album of gothic doom metal band DIATHRA from Belarus´. The CD has bonus video track Forgive Me Desing and layout by Alastor of Scratching Soil.



GRIMNER - Blodshymner

Our label has released the new album of Swedish vikings Grimner. Incorporating folk instruments such as flutes and the mandola into their own melodic yet
aggressive brand of metal and with lyrics that honour the norse gods and fallen warriors of old, they have taken enthusiasts of both metal and folk music by storm. With some songs dark and brooding, others fast and folkish, Grimner never fail to entertain.
CD of GRIMNER - Blodshymner is available via our mailorder and via our parthners.


KIMAERA - The Harbinger Of Doom

The third album of Lebanese band KIMAERA has released by our label. The Harbinger of Doom is the owm point of view of the band at doom death metal which can unite west and east, destiny and death, light and darkness. This album is available via our mailorder or via our distributors.

KIMAERA Russian Tour

KIMAERA band from Lebanon prepares to releae it´s the third album at our label. At September the band on tour through Russian and Ukrainian cities. The dates of concerts:
13th of September - ST. PETERBURG (Stocker)
14th of September - MOSCOW (Art Club Chokolate Fabrik)
15th of September - SMOLENSK (A-club)
16th of September - LIPETZK (Grill Haus)
17th of September - KRASNODAR (SU 27)
18th of September - ROSTOV ON DON (Podzemka)
20th of September - KHARKOV (The Jam)
21th of September - KIEV (Bingo) supporting Amorphis

NUMENOR Colossal Darkness

Stygian Crypt has released the dbut full lenght album of Serbian band Númenor. It is band with symphonic and epic sound, black metal base and fantacy poetry.
The Lyrics based on works J.R.R.Tolkien, Michael Moorcock, Robert E. Howard.
This album is available via our site and our distributors.

LAST WAIL - Memories

Our label has released the second album of Russian folk/melodic death metalband LAST WAIL from Omsk city. The music of Last Wail devoted to th othe world of anciend legends and valiant warriors. Lyrics are actual at all times.They´re about friendship and bravery, revenge and treason, courage and honour.
The battlespirit, the gnash of swords, the cold piercing wail...the last wail... It is not prayer of mercy it is freezing blood call to fight up to the end and to win at all costs!
This album is available via our site and our distributors.


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News enfilled with sorrow

30th of June Ruslanas Danisevskis the founder, permanent leader and ideal inspirer of international folk metal projects Folkearth and Folkodia has died. A year and half he fought against serious illness and unhappily has lost this battle. Ruslanas always live in my heart as faithful friend and brother-in-arms. Sleep calmly brother. R.I.P.

FOLKODIA - The Fall of the Magog

Our new release - the new album of international folk metal project Folkodia. 11 musicians from 7 countries (Greece, France, Monaco, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Argentina) take part in it. Theyre members of such bands as Folkearth, Black Knight Symphonia, Dol Amroth and some other projects.
Mixing and mastering were made at Blacklight studio in Ukraine. Artwork by Kris Vervimp.

STOZHAR - No retreat

One more new release - the debut album of pagan folk metal band from Yaroslavl´ city. The album presents the best traditions of Russian pagan metal. Exept traditional metal music instruments this album includes authentic instruments as well.


New release - the debut album of Finnish band. Taking doom death metal as a base this work of the band includes progressive psychedelic and post-rock elements. This album for those who prefer non-typical approach to music. The band itself names it´s genre arctic experimental metal.

WARTHA - Paustan

Our label has released the debut album of young Byelorussian band. The base of it´s work is Byelorussian culture mixed with heavy folk metal. WARTHA musicians try to achieve the most epic and fairytale atmosphere using female and male vocals, lots of keyboard parts and vargans.
This CD is available via our mailorder and via our distributors.

Two new releases - FOLKEARTH - Valhalla Ascendant and FFERYLLT - The Prediction

Today two albums - FOLKEARTH- Valhalla Ascendant and FFERYLLT - The Prediction are released. Both project is well-known but if someone do´n know FOLKEARTH is international folk-viking metal project, FFERYLLT plays symphonic folk metal. Both CDs are available via our mailorder and via our distributors soon


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FOLKODIA - Battles And Myths

The new album of international epic folk viking metal project FOLKODIA has released. 10 musicians from 9 countries (Greece, Monaco, Lithuania, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Russia , Italy, Argentina) have take part in it. they are the members of such bands as Folkearth, Sunuthar, Black Knight Symphonia, Dol Amroth and some other projects. Mixing and mastering were made at Blacklight studio in Ukraine. Artwork by Kris Vervimp.

GORMENGHAST - Resist Or Serve

Our label has released the debut album of death metal band GORMENGHAST from Ekaterinburg city. The band includes experienced musicians from different bands such as D.N.O., Garrota, Fatum. Lyrics has cosial character. Cover by Jon Zig. This Cd is available from our mailorder or via our distributors.


Just ten years pass over since the last of Autumn album "Autumn is Eternal" was recorded. This new one is not sequel, but links and some extension of that Autumn album are present.
the project "Autumn People" is the new branch of Ural Autumn tree of that musucians who went in Peterburg - the city where Autumn rules practically all the year with some pauses for likeness of other seasons - in 2003. The track of this album were created and recorded during some periods from 2005 up to 2011 by different line-ups in different conditions.

SHAMBLESS - Menra Eneidalen

Our label has released the new album of Bulgarian atmospheric folk metal band SHAMBLESS. This album has limited edition in Bulgaria in 2011. Now "Menra Eneidalen" is available worldwide via Stygian Crypt distribution.
This release has an ambitious task not only to bring some interesting atmospheric metal to the listener, but also to tell seven different fairy tales. Behind every song lies a different story, a different tale. That is why, every song has a slightly different sound and structure from the others.During the recordings of the album, for every single track are used different guitar effects, different vocals and even different drums.
All songs are based on the typical for the band elfish concept, except the one called Ara which is based on a traditional Bulgarian folklore song, from Rhodopa Mountain.

ANACHRONAEON - The Ethereal Throne

First release of year 2012 - new album of swedish band ANACHRONAEON. The Ethereal Throne takes a dive into the dark religious mind of a serial killer, and follows his inner struggle on this musical journey between the boundaries of epic heavy metal and blasting extreme metal without leaving the melodies behind. Cover art by W. Smerdulak.

NORDVERG - / Crimson Dawn

Our label has released the debut album of NORDVERG band from Ekaterinburg city.
NordverG is Scandinavian-Slavonic folk metal with heavy and melodic guitars, mix of clean and growling with authentic instruments.
Guest musicians of this album are Vladimir Reshetnikov of ARKONA, Diana Timoschenko, Alexandr Starkov whove recorded ethnic instruments. Cover art by David Lecossu, layout by Alastor of Scratching Soil.

FOLKEARTH - Minstrels By The River

The second acoustic album of viking metal FOLKEARTHMinstrels By The River was released in September 2011.
Album includes 8 acoustic versions of previous albums songs and cover of traditional Russian song (Stepan Razins Dream).
Design was made by Kris Vervimp.


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LAST WAIL - The Tale Of Endless Night

1st of June our label has released the debut album of folk/melodic death metal band LAST WAIL from Omsk city. The album is entitled The Tale Of Endless Night.
It is demo-album recorded in 2009 later remastered by Lazar (Arkona) with new design. The cover made by French artist David Lecossu.
The album is released for world-wide distribution. The release for Russia and CIS countries belongs to PEREKRESTOK records.

FOLKEARTH - Sons Of The North

Our label has released new album of international project FOLKEARTH, As a tradition as veterans of the project as well as newbies have taken part in this album. They are 15 musicians from 10 countries (Greece, France, Germany, Monaco, Lithuania, USA, Argentina, Italy, Poland, Croatia) who play in such bands as Dol Amroth, Folkodia, Black Knight Symfonia, Hildr Valkyrie, Vroudenspil, Erlandvolk. As a usual this album presents many authentical instruments: violin, cello, accordeon which bring unique flavour into music.
Design was made by Kris Vervimp.
This CD is available via our mailorder or via our parthners.

FOLKODIA - Forgotten Lore

An acoustic album of viking folk project FOLKODIA was released today. Album includes acoustic versions of previous albums´ tracks and some completely new ones. It´s pure acoustic work where present cello, harp, flute, whistles, viola. Mix and mastering were made at Blacklight studio (Kiiv city). Artwork by Kris Vervimp.

ANKHAGRAM - Neverending Sorrow

It is re-edition of Urals one man band 2007´ album. Symphonic doom death metal as it´s best. The material of the album was remastered at IMPerishable HAte FACtory (Kimaera, Funeral Tears). New artwork was made by Alex Vietar (Leshak, Beer Bear).


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FOLKEARTH - Viking´s Anthem + KIMAERA - Solitary Impact

In the last day of July our label has released two albums: FOLKEARTH - Viking´s Anthem and the second album of melodic doom death metal band KIMAERA from Lebanon under name Solitary impact. These CDs are available at our mailorder or via our distributors.

TRELLEBORG - Lands Of Njord

Our label has released the debut album of epic viking metal band TRELLEBORG from St. Petersburg. The album was recorded in 2009; mastering was made in Finnvox by producer Mika Jussila. Design was made by famous artist from St. Petersburg Pablo the Elephant who worked with Severnye Vrata, Grenouer, Arda and other bands.
Our label will distribute this album worldwide except Russia and C.I.S.- countries. For Russia and C.I.S.- countries this album will be released by Perekrestok records.

VIETAH - Smalisty Zah

The second album of Byelorussian one man band VIETAH under name "Smalisty Zah" was released by our label. Album includes 7 tracks of Atmospheric Black Metal near one hour of playing time. The new album includes 6 tracks composed by author and cover of Darkthrone "´Quintessence" preformed on Byelorussian language. Design of album by cz (Vinterriket).

FOLKODIA - Battlecry

Our label has released the third album of international folk-viking project FOLKODIA. This time 12 musicians of 8 countries (Greece, Switzerland, Lithuania, Australia, Monaco, Canada, USA, germany) have taken part in the album. They´re members of such bands as Folkearth, Sunuthar, Minhyriath, Black Knight Symfonia, Troldhaugen, Seventh Sword and some other projects. Design by Kris Vervimp.

ANACHRONAEON - The Futile Quest For Immortality

After re-edition of two albums of Anachronaeon in 2007 Stygian Crypt presents new, the third album of the band The Futile Quest for Immortality - big step forward, both in songwriting and production. With this album Anachronaeon mix a raw energetic black metal-nerve with epic melodies and a heavy metal platform to continue developing their own sound, exceeding their previous productions. The album has a red thread without being conceptual, about mankind through a misanthropic perspective.
Cover art by W. Smerdulak.

Signed deal with TRELLEBORG

Stygian Crypt informes about signed deal with founders of Russian epic viking battle metal Trelleborg band. Debut album under name "Lands of Njord" is planned to be released in the beginning of 2010. Our label will distribute this album worldwide, for Russia this album will be released by Perekrestok records.

FOLKEARTH - Rulers Of The Sea

Stygian Crypt productions proudly presents new the seventh album of international folk viking metal project Folkearth. 12 musicians from Greece, france, Australia, Germany, Monaco, Lithuania, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland who play also in Dol Amroth, Frekkr, Folkodia, Hildr Valkyrie, Skiltron, Black Knight Symphonia, Excelsis, Sunuthar, Minhyriath, Seventh Sword took part in this album. The author of design is Kris Vervimp. Looking for your orders.

FAUST - From Glory To Infinity

Stygian Crypt productions proudly presents the debut album "From Glory To Infinity" of FAUST band. The band plays techno death metal. Line-up of the band has joined some of the most experienced and respected musicians:
Aleister - guitar, vocal (Ancient)
Ghiulz -guitar (Profanatum)
Steve Di Giorgio - bass (Sadus, Death, Testament, Iced Earth, Autopsy)
Luca Princiotta - guitar (Doro, Blaze Bayley)
Daray - drums (Vader, Dimmu Borgir, Vesania)
The album was recorded during 2006-2008 in Italy. Mixing and mastering were made in US Trident studios ( Testament, Sadus, Exodus, Vile).
Europian edition of the album is released by our label. For United States this album is released by Paragon records.
Design of album was made by Marco Hasmann (Vomit The Soul, Kataplexia, Fleshgod Apocalypse).
Album is available via our mailorer or via our distributors.

LESHAK - Chertovorot

18th of August our label has released debut album of LESHAK band from Moscow. Quote from press-release:
"LESHAK is an ancient spirit of sombre mysteries of avital Russia. The project put down roots in cold winter of 2006. The interest in mythology and dark sides of slavonic culture enabled Redgoat to create this band whose musical part is full of slavonic melodies, which are closely intertwined with brutal riffs of death metal as a basis."
Album was recorded in Blacklight studio in Kiev, Buddha Cat and Moscow Sound studios. Design of album by Alex Vietar (Svartby, Saltvind etc.).



VIGRID - Throne of Forest

Our label has released the debut album of Finnish viking metal band VIGRID under name "Throne of Forest". the album includes 8 tracks total time 35 minutes. Kaisa Jouhki (BATTLELORE) took part in this album as a guest female vocalist. Design of the album is made by Ritual (Impaled Nazarene, Ensiferum, Artemesia).
CD is available via our mailorder or via our distributors.

FOLKODIA - In a Time of Legends

The second album of international folk viking project Folkodia has released by Stygian Crypt productions. 10 musicians from 7 countries (Greece, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Australia, England, Italy) took part in recording. Tey are members of Folkearth, Excelsis, Sunuthar, Minhyriath, Frekkr, Hildr Valkyrie, Dol Amroth, Troldhaugen, Seventh Sword, Menelvagor and from some other projects. This CD is available via our mailorder or via our distributors.





FFERYLLT - Dance Of Druids

The first release of 2009 is debut album of FFERYLLT band from Krasnodar city under name "Dance of Druids". The band plays symphonic folk viking metal with Western Europian ethnic instruments. Some guest musicians took part in recording: Vladimir Cherepovskiy (LOS GAITEROS DE MOSCU, ARKONA), Simon Muller (FOLKEARTH, EXCELSIS, SUNUTHAR), Diana Timoschenko (ONEYROS), Sonja Tavormina (SUADA), Pablo Allen (SKILTRON). The albu has two bonuses: covers of ENSIFERUM (LAI LAI HEI) and ELUVEITIE (Inis Mona). Artwork was made by Moscow designer Diana Lebedeva. This CD is available at our mailorder or via our distributors.

FOLKEARTH - Fatherland

Stygian Crypt productions´s issued the sixth album of international folk viking project FOLKEARTH. The new members took part in this album as well as the old. 11 musicians from 7 countries: Greece, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, Italy, England and USA who play in Folkodia, Frekkr, Excelsis, Sunuthar, Minhyriath, Hildr Valkyrie, Dol Amroth, The Soil Bleeds Black, Pantheist., worked on the album. The album is available via our "Catalogue" section.

DIATHRA - My Endless Sorrow

After six years of silence gothic doom band DIATHRA from Mogilev (Belarus) presents the second full-length album My Endless Sorrow. The music of DIATHRA immerses you into melancholic world filled with autumnal sorrow. The booklet images bases on Adrian Morr drawings, layout by Imperishable Hate Factory.

EVOKE THY LORDS - Escape To The Dreamland

Stygian Crypt productions and Backfire productions present:
debut album of the band from Novosibirsk city EVOKE THY LORDS "Escape To The Dreamlands".
This band has solid experience of live gigs, also the band1s taken part in 2005 and 2007 compilations.
Its difficult to describe the genre of EVOKE THY LORDS in few words, the band goes its own way and it is the reason of freedom to incarnate the own ideas of musicians. So the listeners could enjoy memorable melodies and unique atmosphere.
"Escape To The Dreamlands" is the mix of powerful guitar riffs and flute, of demonic growling and charming female soprano.
The lyrics are inspirited by works of H.P.Lovecraft and describes adventures in Dreamlands.
The album "Escape To The Dreamlands" released as limited edition digipack which could adorn a collection of heavy and atmospheric music.


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HILDR VALKYRIE - Shield Brothers Of Valhalla

Today the 43d release of Stygian Crypt has issued. It´ debut album of international folk-viking projct FOLKEARTH´ constant member HILDR VALKYRIE. The album has name "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla". The music of this one-woman band unites features of viking metal and dark ambient/neofolk. Guest musicians Alboin (GEIST) and Aled Pashley (ANNWN) took part in recording. The album has also covers of Havamal (FALKENBACH) and Ring Of Gold (BATHORY). The album is available via our maiorder or via our distributors.

FOLKEARTH - Songs Of Yore

18th of June new the 5th album of international project FOLKEARTH under name "Songs of Yore" has released. It includes previously released songs`acoustc versions and some new songs. Only acoustic instrument were used during the recording of this album.
Album is available via our mailorder and via our distributors soon.

VIETAH - Zorny Maroz

Stygian crypt productions`s released the debut album Zorny Maroz of one man band VIETAH from Belarus. Album includes 5 tracks of atmospheric ambient black metal more than 40 minutes. All lyrics are in Belarussian language. Zorny Maroz was created in 2002 and recorded in 2006-2007. Saturated with night forests depths` cold atmosphere where dark essence of nature appears under dead shining of distant stars. Dark music of grey natural landscapes inspired by solitude.
This CD is available at our mailorder and our distributors.

FOLKEARTH - Father Of Victory

21st of January the fourth album of Folkearth Father Of Victory was released by Stygian Crypt productions. The album includes 12 tracks of folk viking metal which were performed and recorded by 20 musicians from 7 countries (England, France, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Wales and USA). Musicians of Dol Amroth, Death Army, The Soil Bleeds Black, Moonrot, Peordh, Oakhelm, Annwn, Frekkr have talken part in the recording. This CD is available via our catalogue.


Welcome to new site Russian underground label STYGIAN CRYPT PRODUCTIONS ! Please come write comment youre your orders.
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The 7th of November Stygian Crypt has issued the new release under catalogue number SCP 039 - the new album of Swedish dark metal band ANACHRONAEON - The New Dawn. Before we` ve issued their demo-album of 2004 "As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies". Unlike previous work of Swedish musicians the new album has it`s concept and tells us about alien conspiracy theories.
You can order this CD via our mailorder or via our distributors.

HEOROT - Ragnarök

Stygian Crypt productions proudly presents debut album of Finnish band HEOROT - Ragnarök. The band plays folk viking metal with authentic instruments. Lyrics are in Finnish and about acts and characters of Scandinavian mythology. This album was recorded at Auringon Hauta studio, mixing and mastering was made by Tonmi Lillman (Ajattara, Vanguard, To/Die/For, Sinergy). This album is dedicated to memory of founder of the band Teemu Modsognir Ollikainen (R.I.P.). This album is available via our mailorder and via our distributors soon.

RAXA - Oxlahun Ti Ku

30th of August the longawaitebed debut of RAXA (the project of famous in Russian underground multiinstrumentalist Lefthander) was issued. The genre is ethno dark doom metal performed in Aztec and the main topics of album is concerns with cult epos Popol Vuh. A quote from press release:

The first chapter of mystical and bloodfilled saga of ancient folk who lived beyond Great Water.

More somber and raw sounds of pagan nature if compare this work to speed and melodic next album Rabinal achi.

All lyrics are written in the language of ancient firey Aztecs. This language more harsh and like no other suitable for dark sacrificial songs devoted to Sun for keeping its motion and life on Earth.

The Music filled with atmosphere and primordial tribe-chaos. Ambiental and mid-tempo doom/black and blackened beauty of melodies. With the every next track the listener fall into trance and couldn`t return to ordinary world.

Ten tracks of celebrations and ceremonies Aztlan people.

Ten pieces of live flesh wrapped in pain.

Ten sounds from spirits of Xibalba.

Glory to clan of Heron!

Three times three!!!

The album is available via our site and via our distributors soon.

ANACHRONAEON - As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies

The 7th of July 2007 the debut album of Swedish band ANACHRONAEON - As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies has released. The album under catalogue number 36 was recorded in 2004 and never issued before. The band characterise it`s genre as progressive dark metal. The artwork of the album was made by W. Smerdulak. You can order this album via our mailorder or via our distributors.

FOLKEARTH - Drakkars In The Mist

The third saga of international folk metal project FOLKEARTH has issued 28th of may by Stygian Crypt. The album under name Drakkars In The Mist consist of 17 tracks of almost 70 minutes was recorded by 30 musicians from 11 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, North Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and USA). The musicians of Morituri, Koziak, Thulr, Dol Amroth, Death Army, Vetter, Pagan Reign, Hordak, Yggdrasil, Nae´blis, The Soil Bleeds Black, Moonrot took part in the recording. The lyrics devoted to Scandinavian and Ancient Greek mythology. This CD is available via our distro or via our distributors.

LITTLE DEAD BERTHA - In Memorium Premortis

The 27th of April tha long- awaited re-edition of one of the eldest underground metal bands of post-Soviet area debut album. This is the album "In Memorium Premortis" of LITTLE DEAD BERTHA. This album was previously issued as MC in 1998 by Hobgoblin label. It had numerous copies and made the band famous and respectable in Russian underground. You can order this CD via our site or via our distributors soon.

KARCINOMA - The Night...Apogee Of Madness

Today the new release of our label has issued. Under 34th number in Stygian Crypt catalogue the re-edition of KARCINOMA "The Night...Apogee Of Madness" from Yaroslavl city has issued. The album was recorded at `98 and has limited MC edition. In 2005 this album was remastered at Moustache & Fat John studio (Belarus) and issued with new artwork which was made by W.Smerdulak. You can order this CD directly or via our distributors.


14th of February our label has issued the new album of SCRATCHING SOIL - Separatism. This work represents the evolution of ideas of previous album War Experience. You can order this CD directly from our site or via our distributors.

LIHOLESIE - Videniya ("Visions")

Today, the 17th of January the third full lenth album of one-man project LIHOLESIE under the name of Videniya (Visions) has issued. It is 8-pannels digi-pack, limited edition of 1000 copies. The design made with using of photographic pictures which were made by Sever. The album includes cover-version of the song When The Sky Is Dark Yet of Thy Repentance.
You can order this album via our mailorder and via our distributors soon.

AUTUMN - ...And We Are Falling Leaves...

28th of November long-awaited edition of debut album of Autumn band And We Are Falling Leaves.... has issued. Extract from press-release:

Ten years ago the first album of Autumn - "... And we are falling leaves" was recorded. It was the most ancient history of Urals doom-metal, the first step in the history of the band - "the golden autumn". That times all over the world doom-metal`s began to grow stronger and to develop some tendencies. The musicians found their own ways of developing the style and now with the help of re-edition of this album we have the opportunity to hear the directions of the way of members of the only one at that period doom-metal band from Ekaterinburg. By the way the first line-up of the band were: Yuri Ketov (guitar, vocal), Sergey Berdyshev (drums), Svetlana Polezhaeva (keys, vocal), Felix Vigorov (bass), Sergey Kunavin (guitar).
Originally the album includes 9 traks, all lyrics are written in English on different topics so this album couldn`t be considered as conceptual one. Re-edition includes two bonuses from unique rehearsal recordings "Wings" and "Feasting The Dark Half" which never were issued before, newer were recorded in some studio and were played exceptionally during live performances and remain by some miracle at friends-musicians. It must be admitted the quality of original was far from perfect so all the material was remastered at CDM Records by Lazar, who made remastering of Black Wings as well. Graphic design was made by W.Smerdulak.
In general there`s no more words the last art of Autumn you know so it`s time to know the beginning.

You can order this CD directly from our site or via our distributors.

FOLKEARTH - By The Sword Of My Father

The 1st of August the second album of international folk viking project FOLKEARTH has issued by Stygian Crypt prods. More than 70 minutes of playing time and 15 new songs include FALKENBACH - Heathenpride cover are presented by musicians of this. 31 musicians from 8 countries have taken part in this album.

Except the previous members, musicians from the bands VAN LANGEN (Germany), THIASOS DIONYSOS (Germany), HILDR VALKYRIE (Greece), DEATH ARMY (North Italy), THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK, MOONROOT (USA) have worked on the second album.

Additional arrangements done by PETTERSON & FREDRIKSON of GODRUN, ex OTYG (DANIEL FREDRIKSSON) (Sweden).

And of course musicians known from the first album, from the bands FOREFATHER (England), DOL AMROTH (Greece), YGGDRASIL, NAEBLIS, BROKEN DAGGER, SKALDEFADER, EVILDOER (Sweden), URUK HAI (Austria), have once again worked in this FOLKEARTH release.
You can order both albums of FOLKEARTH through our maiorder.

SEA OF DESPERATION - Spiritual Lonely Pattern

Today the 30th of June the second album of one man band from Novovoronezh town SEA OF DESPERATION - Spiritual Lonely Pattern. It is doom death a le early works of Katatonia. You can order this CD directly from our site or through our distributors.

AMBER TEARS Revelation of Renounced

Today Stygian Crypt has issued under 27th number the debut album of AMBER TEARS the band from Moscow (formerly from Penza city) which named Revelation of Renounced. The band keeps the style of retired Gods Tower on. The song Leaving Tears is dedicated to memory of Alexander Urakov. More detailed information` ll be at appropriate site sections. You can order this album through our maiorder or through our distributors.

Marche Funebre productions site has opened

Welcome to site of our funeral subdivision:

TEARS OF MANKIND - Without Ray Of Hope

A week later we please fans of doom again with the new release under 25th number in catalogue. It is debut album of one man band TEARS OF MANKIND from Surgut city. The stuff of CD consists of tracks which were includes before in demo albums Where Angels Do Not Dare To Fly (2003), Deep Inside The Silence (2004), To Nowhere (2004), For My Last Pray(2004). You could find any detailed information at proper sections of our site. Also you can order this CD directly from our site or through our distributors.

KIMAERA - Ebony Veiled

Today the 20th of April new release of Stygian Crypt debut album of KIMAERA (Lebanon) Ebony Veiled has came into the world. The band plays atmospheric doom death with female voice and has unique oriental flavor. You can order this CD at label or through our distributors.


The 1st of March is the day of official issue of two new releases of Stygian Crypt productions. A joint project of our label and site is isuued under 24th number. This project is a songs collection of Russian doom-metal bands which are presented at this site and which were recorded in 2005. The songs selection were made by voting if site members.
Under 26th number a debut album of band Arcanar from Ekaterinburg is issued. Their music is dark death doom metal with lyrics in Russian. Two members of legendary Urals band Autumn are included in line-up. More detailed information coming soon at appropriate sections of our site.