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    ГруппаАльбомСтильЛэйблКол.  RUR  
    A Good Day For Killing Dementia Of The Killers ultrabrutal death metal  Sick Chainsaws    1    250   MCD

    A Switch Below Signs Of Impact deathcore  Nepherex    1    250   CD

    A.I.D.S. Syndrome Of The End Approaching raw black metal  Those Opposed    1    300   CD

    Aabsynthum Inanimus funeral doom metal  Marche Funebre        350   CD in slipcase

    Abacinate/(god-rot) Split ultrabrutal death metal/technical brutal death metal  Epitomite    2    300   CD

    Abaddon Incarnate The Last Supper grind  Season Of Mist    1    550   CD

    Abaddon Incarnate Cascade grind  Metal Age    1    350   CD

    Abbey Ov Thelema A Fragment Ov The Great Work melodic black metal  Sonic Temple    1    350   CD

    Abhorer/Brain Dead Split old school death thrash metal  Thrashingfist    1    500   CD

    Abisso WRNSS blackened doom death metal  Third I Rex    1    400   Digi CD

    Abnormal Inhumane Disgusting Cruelty Of Homicide ultrabrutal death metal  Inherited Suffering    1    300   CD

    Abolition A.D. After Death, Before Chaos doom death metal  Pulverised    1    650   CD in super jewel box

    Abominattion Doctrine Of False Martyr fast chaotic brutal death metal  Animate    1    300   CD

    Abomnium Solace For The Condemned raw black metal  Ukem    1    350   CD

    Aborym Generator cult industrial black metal band  Season Of Mist    1    550   Digi CD

    Abscess Horrorhammer cult death metal band  Peaceville    1    750   CD

    Absemia Morbopraxis brutal death metal  Extremist    1    350   CD

    Absenta Eel atmospheric black metal  Necromance    1    350   CD

    Absenth Love Is Dead gothic doom metal  Satanarsa    1    100   Pro CDr

    Absolute Disgrace Corpse Kingdom technical old school brutal death metal  Cogumelo    1    350   CD

    Abysmal Darkening No Light Behind doom death metal  Total Rust    1    350   CD

    Abysmal Gates Divine Deception sympho black metal  Black Flame    1    300   CD

    Abysmal Gates Divine Deception symphonic black metal  Black Flame    1    350   CD

    Abysmal Torment Omnicide ultrabrutal death metal  Brutal Bands    1    550   CD

    Abysskvlt Thanatochromia atmospheric funeral doom metal  Endless Winter    1    400   Digi CD

    Acarus Sarcopt The First Day With No Sun old school black metal  Armee De La Mort    1    550   DCD

    Accuser The Conviction cult thrash metal band  No Remorse    1    2500   CD

    Accuser Who Dominates Who ? cult thrash metal band  Atom H    1    1200   LP

    Acephalous Divine Purity blackened death metal  Rotten To The Core    1    350   CD

    Acherontas Vamachara raw black metal  Agonia    2    600   Digi CD

    Acrostichon Engraved In Black cult death metal band  Memento Mori    1    550   CD

    Act Of God Kaosism blackened death metal  Metal Age    1    350   CD

    Act Of Gods Dies Irae technical death metal  Osmose    1    300   MCD

    Act Of Gods Stench Of Centuries technical death metal  Osmose    1    450   DCD

    Act Of Gods Maat technical death metal  Osmose    1    400   CD

    Active Slaughter Smash HLS crossover/punk rock  Selfreleased    1    150   Pro CDr + pin

    Adalruna A Wolf In Hallowed Places epic pagan black metal  Darker Than Black    1    350   CD

    Adamas Heavy Thoughts melodic thrash metal  SG    1    350   CD

    Adem Time Of Madness thrash metal band from 80-th  Moon    4    350   CD

    Aderlating Spear Of Gold And Seraphim Bone avantgarde black metal/ambient  Consouling Sounds    1    900   Digisleeve CD

    Aderlating Spear Of Gold And Seraphim Bone II avantgarde black metal/ambient  Consouling Sounds    1    900   Digisleeve CD

    Adorned Brood Kuningaz cult folk viking metal band  Massacre    1    450   CD

    Aeaea Drink The New Wine neoclassic/ambient  Twilight    1    350   Digi CD

    Aedh Au-dela Des Cendres pagan black metal  Dying Sun    2    350   CD

    Aeon Winds …And Night Shall Have Dominion atmospheric black metal  Satanic    1    300   MCD

    Aere Aeternus Humanity Neeeds No Funeral dark drone ambient  Kaosthetic Konspiration    1    350   Digisleeve CD

    Aeternal Seprium Doominance epic heavy metal  Death Storm    1    350   CD

    Aetheres Dark Wisdom's Domain melodic black metal  Hell Is Here    1    350   CD

    Aethernaeum Naturemystic atmospheric black metal  Einheit    1    400   CD

    Aethernaeum Naturemystic atmospheric black metal  Einheit    1    1500   Artbook CD

    After Rain The Funeral Marches gothic doom metal  Metal Age    1    350   CD

    After The Last Sky/Inert Split death grind  Circus Of The Macabre    1    250   CD

    Afterbirth The Time Traveller's Dilemma technical brutal death metal  Unique Leader    1    900   CD

    Agathocles Alive & Mincing cult grind band  Crimes Against Humanity    1    350   CD

    Agathocles/Depression Split cult grind bands  Selfreleased    1    650   CD

    Agent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse cult speed metal band  Century Media    1    800   CD

    Agent Steel Swarm Over London. Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 1987. cult speed metal band  Bootleg    1    400   CD

    Agiel Dark Pantheons technical death metal with symphonic parts  Deep Send    1    300   MCD

    Aglaomorpha Perception doom death metal  Wroth Emitter    1    300   CD

    Agnostic Front Raw Unleashed cult thrash metal/hardcore band  Grand Theft Audio    1    1100   CD

    Agony Lords Unions doom death metal from the beginning of 90-th  Concreto    1    350   CD

    Agony Voices Mankind's Glory melodic doom death metal  Selfreleased    3    400   CD

    Agorhy Ruptura grind  Humanos Mortos    1    300   CD

    Agressor (Brazil) Kill Or Die old school thrash metal  Dies Irae    1    750   CD in slipcase

    Agressor (France) Symposium Of Rebirth cult death thrash metal band  Black Mark    1    1700   CD

    Agruss Morok post black death doom metal  Code 666    1    800   Digi CD

    Ahab The Giant funeral doom metal  Napalm    1    900   Digi CD

    Ain Soph III cult dark ambient band  Old Europa CafГ©    1    600   DCD

    Airspeed Airspeed heavy metal band from 80-th  Jolly Roger    1    350   CD

    Akem Manah Demons Of The Sabbat doom death metal  Possession    1    400   Digi CD

    Akoma Revangels female fronted symphonic gothic metal  Massacre    1    600   CD

    Alcest Le Secret famous post black metal band  Prophecy    1    800   Digibook CD in slipcase

    Alchemyst Nekromanteion occult black death metal  Necroshrine    1    800   CD

    Alchemyst Nekromanteion occult black death metal  Necroshrine    1    500   CD

    Alene Misantropi Absence Of Light atmospheric depressive black metal  Damnatio Ad Bestias    1    350   CD

    Algol Mindframes melodic death metal  Punishment 18    1    350   CD

    Alitor Eternal Depression old school thrash metal  Witches Brew    1    400   CD

    All My Faith Lost Still White Air neoclassic/darkwave  Pocket    1    350   CD

    Alta Tensao Metalmorfose/Nigeria heavy metal band from 80-th  Metal Soldiers    1    350   CD

    Altar The Sky Plight Of The Vomit Eagle death black metal  Evil Morgue    1    300   CD

    Altu Paganach 15 Years. The Complete Discography folk black metal  Cold Art    1    350   CD

    Alunah Call Of Avernus female fronted doom metal band  PRC    1    350   CD

    Ambivalence Silicone Magic avantgarde brutal death metal  Gormageddon        300   CD

    Ambivalence (Australia) A Land Of Myth And Magic melodic doom death metal  Endless Desperation    1    350   CD

    Ambrazura Storm In Your Brains old school death metal  Stygian Crypt    1    350   CD

    Amduscias Amduscias fast black metal  Blackend    1    250   CD

    Amenophis Demos 1991-1992 death metal band from the beginning of 90-th  I Hate    1    450   CD

    Amentia Incurable Disease brutal death metal  More Hate    1    300   CD

    Amken Theater Of The Absurd old school thrash metal  No Remorse    1    950   CD

    Ammit Extreme Speed Satan old school blackened thrash metal  Crush Until Madness    2    350   CD

    Amnis Nihili Christological Escalation raw black metal  Avantgarde    3    250   Digi MCD

    Among The Prey Only For Blinded Eyes finnish melodic death metal  Inverse    1    400   CD

    Amorphis The Karelian Isthmus cult death doom metal band  Nuclear Blast    1    800   CD

    Amorphis My Kantele cult doom gothic metal band  Nuclear Blast    1    700   MCD

    Anaal Nathrakh Domine Non Es Dignus industrial grinding black metal  Season Of Mist    1    500   CD

    Anaal Nathrakh The Whole Of The Law industrial grinding black metal  Metal Blade    1    1300   Digibook CD

    Anabanta Los Reunidos female fronted gothic metal band  Sun Empire    1    400   A5 Digi MCD

    Anachronaeon As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies melodic progressive dark metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Anachronaeon The New Dawn melodic progressive dark metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Anachronaeon The Futile Quest for Immortality melodic progressive dark metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Anachronaeon The Ethereal Throne melodic progressive dark metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Anachronaeon The Oracle And The Keyholder melodic progressive dark metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Anaemia (Esp) Stupidity of the Lambs grind  Soulreaper    1    350   CD

    Anal Cunt Morbid Florist cult grind band  Relapse    1    500   MCD

    Analkholic Strictly Drunk porno grind  Rotten Roll    1    350   CD

    Anarkhon Welcome To The Gore Show brutal death metal  Tribulacion    1    350   CD

    Anarkhon/Vomepotro Split brutal death metal  Rotten Foetus    1    350   CD

    Anasarca Dying cult death metal band  Mighty    1    750   CD

    Anathema We're Here Because We're Here cult post doom metal band  Kscope    1    1700   Gatefold DLP

    Anatomy (Australia) Where Angels Die cult black death metal band  Destruktive Kommandoh    1    400   CD

    Ancestrum Spells By The Northern Winds pagan black metal  Misanthropic Spirit    1    350   CD

    Ancestrum Our Heathen Soil pagan black metal  Misanthropic Spirit    1    350   CD

    Ancient Trolltaar melodic black metal  Sleaszy Rider    2    400   CD

    Ancient Skin Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus melodic black metal  Arx    1    300   CD

    Anciients Heart Of Oak extreme progressive metal  Season Of Mist    1    450   CD

    And Hell Followed With Proprioception technical death metal  Earache    1    500   CD

    Andras Warlord epic pagan black metal  Einheit    1    600   Digi CD + DVD

    Androphagous Blood Soaked Freaks death grind  PW    1    250   MCD

    Angeli Di Pietra Anthems Of Conquest female fromnted folk/power metal  CCP    1    400   CD

    AngelKill Casket Lullabies cult death thrash metal band  Lustful    1    500   CD

    Angelus Kneel Down And Pray heavy metal band from the beginning of 90-th  Hellhound    1    400   CD

    Angizia 39 Jahre Fur Den Lejerkastenmann cult avantgarde gothic metal band  Sun Empire    1    400   Digi CD

    Angmar Cenotaphe raw black metal  Armee De La Mort    1    350   CD

    Angrenost Planet Muscaria avantgarde melodic black metal  Code 666    1    700   CD

    Angst In Hoc Signo Vinces melodic black metal  Black Attack    1    350   CD

    Anhedonia From 0 To Infinity raw funeral drone doom metal  Satanarsa    1    150   CDr

    Anima The Daily Grind technical brutal death metal  Metal Blade    2    550   CD

    Animal Hate …A Witch Shall Be Born technical death metal  Metal Age    1    350   Digi CD

    Animo Aeger Impuls raw black metal  Ashen    1    300   CD

    Ankhagram Neverending Sorrow melodic doom death metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Anlipnes/Sadael Split funeral doom metal  Le Crepuscule Du Soir    1    300   Digi Pro CDr

    Anochecer Solange atmospheric post rock  Sun Empire    1    350   CD

    Anonima Sequestri Unsafe, Insane & Forced gore grind  Rotten Roll    1    300   CD

    Anonima Sequestri Unsafe, Insane & Forced gore grind  Rotten Roll    1    300   CD

    Anonymous Hate Chaotic World old school death metal  Lab 6    1    300   CD

    Anorexia Nervosa Nihil Negativum symphonic black metal  Selfreleased    1    450   Tape

    Ansur Axiom extreme progressive metal  Candlelight    1    350   CD

    Antacid/Hatred Split old school thrash metal  Area Death    1    300   CD

    Anthares (Brazil) No Limite Da Forca old school speed thrash metal  Mutilation    1    850   Digi CD

    Anthares (Brazil) O Caos Da Razao old school speed thrash metal  Mutilation    1    750   CD

    Anthem (Japan) Tightrope cult japanese heavy metal band  King    1    700   CD

    Anthem (Japan) Bound To Break cult japanese heavy metal band  King    1    700   CD

    Anthem (Poland) Praeposterum brutal death metal  Mad Lion    1    400   CD

    Anthologies Alpha gothic doom metal  Selfreleased    1    350   Digisleeve CD

    Anthrax State Of Euphoria cult thrash metal band  Island    1    600   CD

    Anthrax Attack Of The Killer B's cult thrash metal band  Island    1    600   CD

    Anthrax Worship Music cult thrash metal band  Megaforce    1    700   Digisleeve CD

    Antillia Last Starfall female fronted symphonic metal  S.A.    1    450   CD

    Antipathia Outcast old school heavy metal  Sliptrick    1    350   CD

    Antiquus Scriptum Immortalis Factus folk black metal  Pesttanz    1    350   CD

    Antropomorphia Rites Ov Perversion cult death metal band  Metal Blade    1    850   Digi CD

    Aphasia Arcane In Thalassa technical black death metal  Grind It    1    250   CD

    Aphoom Zhah/Smierceslau Split raw black metal  Tribulacion    1    350   CD

    Aphotic Stillness Grows nmelodic doom death metal  Flood The Earth    1    400   CD

    Aphotic/Dusk Split nmelodic doom death metal  Cursed    1    400   CD

    Apnea Ethereal Solitude post blaСЃk metal/shoegaze  Immortal Frost    2    350   CD

    Apocynthion Sidereus Nuncius depressive post black metal  Pest    1    400   Digisleeve CD

    Apokefale Tempus Est Nihil melodic black metal  Domestic Genocide    5    600   3CD Digibook

    Apolokia MCMXCV - MCMXCVII raw black metal  War Against Yourself    1    350   CD

    Apoptosis Gutrectomy Delusion Interminus Vitae ultrabrutal death metal  Swallow Vomit    1    300   MCD

    Apparition Sakra Devanam Indra raw black metal  Kerzakraum    1    350   CD

    April Morning/Sorrowful Split doom death metal  Omeyokan    1    350   CD

    Aptorian Demon Angst, Jammer Og Fortvilelse / Til Helvete norwegian black metal  Aftermath    1    800   7"

    Arcanar Пыльный владыка dark death doom metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Archaeos Forgotten Art Of Sacrifice pagan black metal  Lower Silesian Stronghold    1    300   MCD

    Archontes Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds progressive power metal  Valiant    1    300   CD

    Arckanum Antikosmos cult black metal band  Debemur Morti    1    700   7"

    Arckanum Fenris Kindir cult black metal band  Season Of Mist    1    1600   LP

    Arckanum/Contanimo Split raw black metal  Carnal    1    1400   7"

    Argath Societatis Draconistrarum finnish melodic black metal  Grey Inerttia    1    350   CD

    Arghoslent Hornets Of The Pogrom old school death metal  Drakkar    1    600   CD

    Argus Megere VEII melodic black metal  Loud Rage    1    450   CD

    Arise From Thorns Before An Audience Of Stars female fronted gothic metal band  Dark Symphonies    1    350   CD

    Arkhaeon Deathprayer Evangelium raw black metal  Bergstolz    1    350   CD

    Arkhon Infaustus Perdition Insanabilis cult black death metal band  Red Stream    1    400   Digi CD

    Arkona (Russia) Возрождение pagan folk metal  Sound Age    1    450   Digibook CD

    Arkona (Russia) Жизнь Во Славу pagan folk metal  Sound Age    9    300   CD

    Arkona (Russia) Явь pagan folk metal  Sound Age    1    450   Digibook CD

    Ars Macabra Daemonolatria Hypnotica fast black metal  Elegy    1    300   CD

    Ars Moriendi Du Trefonds d'un etre atmospheric dark black metal  Archaic Sound    1    300   CD

    Arsenic Seeds Of Darkness 80-th raw black/death metal  Baphomet    2    300   CD

    Artension Into The Eye Of The Storm famous progressive metal band  Roadrunner Japan    1    700   CD

    Artes Negras Let There Be Death fast brutal thrash black metal  Furias    1    300   CD

    Artillery Legions cult thrash metal band  Metal Blade    1    1000   CD

    Artisian Lament Of The Eternal Frost raw black metal  Casket    1    200   MCD

    As All Die Victory militant dark ambient  Flood The Earth    1    300   CD

    As Darkness Fell Below The Fog melodic black doom metal  Misanthropic Spirit    1    350   CD

    As It Burns Mortal Dusk melodic death metal  Cold Blood Industries    1    350   CD

    As4del …Nowhere… melodic dark death metal  Nocturnus    4    300   CD

    Ascension The Years of Fire deathcore  Toybox    1    300   CD

    Asensang Asensang acoustic folk  Selfreleased    1    350   CD

    Ases Neverending Warlust pagan black metal  Taran    1    300   CD

    Asgrauw Schijngestalten raw black metal  Selfreleased    1    350   Digi CD

    Asguard Dreamslave melodic death metal  This Dark Reign    1    300   CD

    Ash And Coal Legacy gothic/heavy metal  ViciSolum    1    400   CD

    Ashcloud Abandon All Light old school death metal  Xtreem    1    400   CD

    Ashen Light Бог мертв. Смерть - бог. raw black metal  Sound Age    1    300   CD

    Ashes Of Destiny Desolate Figures gothic doom metal  Sound Union    1    350   CD

    Ashes You Leave Songs Of The Lost famous gothic doom metal band  Sleaszy Rider    1    400   CD

    Asia Asia famous art rock band  Victor    1    700   CD

    Aske R.I.P. raw black metal  Darkland    1    900   LP

    Aspercrucio Мёртвая Вода gothic doom metal  Dark East    1    300   CD

    Asphyxiate Anatomy Of Perfect Bestiality ultrabrutal death metal  Despise The Sun    1    300   CD

    Astaarth Gloria Burgundia folk black metal  Blood Fire Death    1    400   CD

    Astaroth (Austria) Annus Suprimus melodic black metal  CCP    1    350   CD

    Astarte Doomed Dark Years melodic black metal  Sleaszy Rider    1    450   Digi CD

    Astral Root Voices From The Void black doom metal  Razed Soul    1    350   CD

    At The Gates With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness cult death metal band  Peaceville    1    750   CD

    At The Gates At War With Reality cult death metal band  Century Media    1    600   Digi CD

    Atanab Goddes Of The Flesh raw black metal  Selfreleased    1    300   CD

    Ataraxia Deep Blue Firmament cult neoclassic/darkwave band  Sleaszy Rider    1    400   Digi CD

    Atargatis Nova female fronted gothic metal band  Massacre    1    450   Digi CD

    Atavist II: Ruined sludge doom metal  Profound Lore    1    450   Digi CD

    Atheos The Death Of Utopia technical death metal  Underground Movement    1    250   CD

    Atheria Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression swedish depressive black metal  Maa    1    350   CD

    Atman Psy Atman melodic black metal  Ishtadeva Vinyl    1    300   CD

    Atman L'Assassi De Venus melodic black metal  Sun & Moon    1    300   CD

    Atman Psy Atman melodic black metal  Ishtadeva Vinyl    1    400   CD

    Atmosphera Post Mortem The Angels Rebellion symphonic black metal  Sun Empire    1    350   CD

    Atomicide Chaos Abomination old school death thrash metal  Death Division Rituals    1    350   CD

    Atominated World Without Flesh old school thrash metal  Slaney    1    350   MCD

    Atra Hora Lost In The Depths nmelodic black death metal  Darknagar    1    300   CD

    Atra Vetosus Ius Vitae Necisque atmospheric black metal  Immortal Frost    2    300   MCD in slipcase

    Atrocious Abnormality Echoes Of The Rotting ultrabrutal dРµath metal  Comatose    1    450   CD

    Atrophia Red Sun Twisted Logic technical melodic death metal  Adipocere    1    450   CD

    Attack Of Rage Dogma brutal death metal  Bizarre Leprous    1    350   CD

    Atten Ash The Hourglass melodic doom death metal  Hypnotic Dirge    1    450   CD

    Au Revoir Keys Of Misery old school heavy metal  Faithcraft    1    300   CD

    Aufschwung Цена Жизни pagan black metal  7.62 Productions    1    300   CD

    Aura Noir Deep Tracts Of Hell cult black thrash metal band  Hammerheart    1    800   CD

    Australasia Vertebra post black metal/post rock  Immortal Frost    2    350   CD

    Autarcie Groupuscule raw black metal  Dernier Bastion    1    1200   LP

    Autumn Осень вечна doom metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Autumn …And We Are Falling Leaves… doom metal  Stygian Crypt        300   CD

    Autumn's Kingdom Autumn's Kingdom atmospheric black metal  Snow Falls Forever    3    300   CD

    Averse Sefira Battle's Clarion cult black metal band  Lost Disciple    1    450   CD

    Averse Sefira Advent Parallax cult black metal band  Candlelight USA    1    450   CD

    Aversio Humanitatis/Selbst/Nihil Split raw black metal  SelfMutilation Services    1    300   CD

    Aversion To Mankind Suicidiology depressive black metal  Maa    1    350   CD

    Avulsed Ritual Zombi cult brutal death metal band  American Line    1    350   CD

    Avulsion Indoctrination Into The Cult Of Death old school death metal  Deathgasm    1    350   CD

    Await Rottenness The Chaos Eternal dark death metal  Demise    1    300   CD

    Awaiting The Autopsy Couldn't Tell The Bodies Apart brutal death metal  Amputated Vein    1    300   CD

    Awake The Svn The Barren Sleep progressive gothic doom metal  Sliptrick    1    350   CD

    Axon War Anthems brutal death metal  American Line    1    300   MCD

    Azaghal Codex Antitheus raw black metal  Avantgarde    1    1200   LP

    Azaghal Mustamaa/Kristinusko Liekeissa raw black metal  Helvete.ru    1    500   Double digisleeve CD

    Azaghal/Oath Split raw black metal  Immortal Frost    4    400   CD

    Azarath In Extremis blackened death metal  Agonia    1    2200   Gatefold LP

    Azeroth Live In Poligon symphonic black metal  TaigaSounds    19    300   CD